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‘Boyhood 2’? Richard Linklater considering sequel

Just when it seemed like Boyhood’s Richard Linklater was done with the film that took twelve years to shoot, he’s recently announced the possibility that Boyhood may get an unlikely sequel. While the first film followed the story of a boy growing up into a young adult, Linklater has admitted that the story of this man’s foyer into adulthood during his 20’s could be an equally compelling project for the director.

’21 Years: Richard Linklater’ is more entertaining than must-see

Most filmgoers don’t know Richard Linklater’s name but his effect has been felt through the American independent film scene since the debut of Slacker in 1991. For the star-studded cast of commenters sitting down for some insights into Linklater, it’s hard to imagine a world without him. He is the unicorn who managed to build an entire career of passion projects that most filmmakers never get to, or let toil in production hell.

Ellar Coltrane as Mason Evans Jr. in Boyhood

Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ stands as the most remarkable film of the decade

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is an interesting exercise in whether or not artistic intent truly matters. The film is the story of a boy, his sister and his parents as they grow and meander through life over the course of twelve years. To watch it is to experience life unfolding before your eyes, while feeling the keen sensation that virtually nothing is happening.

Fantasia 2014: ‘Boyhood’ transcends one life

When a filmmaker perfectly aligns the technical and the artistic, we’re reminded of the transformative power of cinema. Lost amid the genre clichés and computer-generated extravaganzas lies an expansive battlefield called ‘the human condition’, where moments of great power co-mingle with insignificant monotony to shape our lives.

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