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    Stars Wars #8: Immonen Debuts, Characterization Continues to Shine

    Though less photo-realistic and painterly than previous artist John Cassaday, Immonen is much more of a traditional comic book artist, eschewing strict realism for more representative & kinetic action and layouts. He also has a particular knack for using body language and facial expressions to express characterization, showing readers visually what a given character is feeling at a given time just by the look on their face or the way they’re standing. It’s a skill he puts to good use here, making vivid Luke’s aw-shucks naivete as he stumbles his way through a Nar Shaddaa bar fight, Han’s combination of chagrin and frustration at Sana’s continued instance that he’s A. up to no good and B. her husband, and the transition of Leia’s reaction to Sana from wry amusement to righteous fury as the woman proves to be no easy pushover. More

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    SOS This Week #20: Goodbye, Sound on Sight

    The end is here for our beloved website. In a short episode, we discuss a few noteworthy news moments, laugh about a crazy WTF story, and say goodbye to Sound on Sight. While the podcast will still be alive on another site, this one was our home and we are sad to see it shutdown […] More

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    Watch ‘Mr Director’, a stop-motion animated short about a self-proclaimed legendary director

    Stop-motion animation has played an important part of visual effects for decades, as filmmakers have relied on the technique in order to successfully create scenes and characters in films, including classics such as King Kong (1933), Star Wars and Blade Runner. But ever since CGI showed its full potential in Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park, […] More

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    Watch the new ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’ international teaser

    More and more Star Wars goodness coming your way. With the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens slowly approaching, any release of more footage gets fans excited. A new international teaser was released today, and while it’s only 30 seconds long, it still manages to induce unstoppable glee. The Korean teaser opens with […] More

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    ‘Star Wars’ #7 is skippable filler

    For the most part, Star Wars #7 is skippable filler even for hardcore Obi Wan fans. The character does get a bit of an arc, but it is mired down in navel gazing narration and shoddy action set pieces. Colorist Justin Ponsor does nail the fact that Tatooine is the planet farthest from a bright spot in the universe with his light browns and faded whites and yellows with a tinge of red for its beautiful binary sunsets. However, this is just a tiny plus in a book filled with minuses. More

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    ‘Princess Leia’ Features a Strong Premise, but Weak Execution

    The series kicks off well, using as its starting point an opportunity for characterization left unexplored by the film. After all, in A New Hope, we see Leia consoling Luke over the death of Ben Kenobi, a man he’s known for all of a few days, while the massive grief she herself must be feeling at the time over the destruction of her entire planet, including her family, goes unspoken. With the Death Star destroyed and the Rebellion victorious (for now), Waid and Dodson kick off their story by exploring how Leia is dealing with the aftermath of her homeworld being obliterated before her eyes. More

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    Secret Cinema Presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – An Immersive Yet Unforgettable Experience

    When it comes to geeking out, nothing comes close to Star Wars and an opportunity to immerse yourself in a galaxy far, far away, is one that cannot be missed. UK events company Future Cinema specialises in secret, interactive film screenings, the majority of which take place in Londo.  With experiences ranging from recreating 1920s Beaumont […] More

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    SOS This Week #16: Filling In The Blanks

    It seems like every movie franchise is expanding with sequels, prequels, and anthology films. Every character must be explained and every moment must be felt for us to truly know it happened. We take a look at some of the upcoming prequels, such as the Han Solo solo film that The Lego Movie directors Phil […] More

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