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    Batman vs the Rubber Suit

    Lucius Fox: “You want to be able to turn your head.” Bruce Wayne: “Sure would make backing out of the driveway easier.” ―Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, and Christopher Nolan have all left their mark on Batman’s cinematic incarnations with varying degrees of success. Burton’s distinctive gothic style redefined Batman for […] More

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    Tim Burton to direct Disney’s live action ‘Dumbo’

    Disney’s continued dip into their Disney Vault got peculiar when they announced they will be doing a live action Dumbo film. A script by Ehren Kruger, the guy who wrote Transformers? And with CGI effects to recreate a flying elephant? Adapting a 64-minute movie for toddlers from 1941 into a mega-blockbuster? Well now Disney has signed Mr. […] More

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    Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ is bigger than his stomach

    Big Eyes Written by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski Directed by Tim Burton USA, 2014 It’s difficult to imagine what Tim Burton was trying to accomplish with his latest effort, Big Eyes.  Tonally, it’s the most confounding movie of the year, pinging wildly between drama, surrealism and farce.  Even the actors seem confused, with each […] More

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    ‘Big Eyes’ is a fairy tale in disguise

    At first glance, Tim Burton’s latest, Big Eyes, appears to be a departure from the filmmaker’s general proclivities towards the grotesque and fantastical. Scissor-handed youths, murderous barbers, and obnoxious ghouls are nowhere to be found in this deceptively straightforward biopic of kitsch-master Walter Keane and his wife, Margaret. A cursory glance at the film might lead one to question just what Burton thinks he’s doing in the realm of realism. More

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    Childhood Memories: Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’

    For me, film has always been a strong source of inspiration. As long as I can remember, I have been truly captivated by the motion picture. One of my earliest memories would have to be seeing the first Batman in theaters a quarter of a century ago. In 1989, “Batmania” was sweeping the nation and I was perfectly content playing with my Toy Biz and Kenner action figures. The character of Batman had been around 50 years before I was even born and I’m sure other children before me have been amazed by The Caped Crusader’s various adventures. Tim Burton’s epic would have to be my first experience seeing The Dark Knight in action and it was monumental one at that. More

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    ‘Edward Scissorhands’ #1 is an Atmospheric Treat

    24 years after the original film, Kate Leth and Drew Rausch continue the story of everyone’s favorite black wearing, hair dressing, tears inducing unlikely fairy tale hero. Edward Scissorhands #1 is set many years after the film, and Megs, the daughter of Kim (played by Winona Ryder) is now a teenager. Edward Scissorhands is considered to either be a murderer or a myth, and Kim’s own daughter considers her to be insane. More

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    First trailer for Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’

    Tim Burton is back with what looks like his most grounded film since 1994’s amazing Ed Wood with a trailer for the upcoming Big Eyes. The film tells the story of Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), the artist of the famous series of paintings featuring large eyed waif characters. Her husband Walter (Christoph Waltz) famously took credit […] More

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    7 Filmmakers that should give TV a try

    In this new golden age of television that we are currently living in, the television industry is poaching some of cinema’s greatest minds more than ever to create their own long form stories after being restricted to the hour and a half to maximum four hours that film allows. The gap is getting increasingly small […] More

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    Ranking the Films of the Caped Crusader

    For almost 50 years, Batman has graced the silver screen.  Whether working solo or accompanied by sidekicks and associates, Gotham City is continually saved by his enduring presence.  Even though the eight theatrical live-action films featuring the Caped Crusader have had their ups and downs, there is no denying his appeal as a lead character. […] More

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    Being Batman: The Actors Underneath the Cowl

    “What are you?’ That question has been on many a criminal’s mind for numerous decades. Out of absolute fear, these evildoers stare into the face of darkness personified, a creature of the night that is a true symbol of justice. I’m talking of course about Batman, the Dark Knight, a crimefighter who strikes fear into […] More

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    10 Ways That Tim Burton Did Batman Better Than Nolan

    It’s time that we get over the Dark Knight Trilogy. Yes The Dark Knight is a great movie. But Batman Begins is just a good movie and The Dark Knight Rises with it’s absurd plot holes and magic orphan vision is like Prometheus with a cape. The fundamental problem with Nolan’s ultra-realism is that it can’t support […] More

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