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    How Frank Miller Saved the Batman

      When artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger teamed up to create Batman in the late 1930’s, they faced the task of creating a character who could capitalize on the pandemonium surrounding Superman, but who would nevertheless have a look and personality all his own. Kane and Finger came up with a hero who […] More

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    Hey You Geeks!! Podcast #13: Breaking Batman

    In the extra-big 13th episode of the Hey You Geeks podcast we are breaking Batman. With yet another new Batman incarnation in the works with Ben Affleck, we thought it would be fun to pick through each of the live action Batman films from 1966-2012 in search of their failures and successes. We’re breaking it […] More

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    Sketchy Episode 90 – ‘Beetlejuice’

    Even though it’s November now, we’re still not done with October-Themed Halloween Month. So, Sketchy keeps it goin’ with the “Beetlejuice” animated series. Later there’s a game, but we start the episode discussing the movie “Gravity,” and it has nothing to do with anything. Enjoy! [powerpress] Listen on iTunes! Songs Beetlejuice by Danny Elfman Follow […] More

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    20 Years: ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

    Every year around this time, Disney puts The Nightmare Before Christmas back in movie theaters. Here in Los Angeles, it’s even playing in “4D.” Jack Skellington and the other denizens of Halloween Town have showed up in video games and merchandise both official and of the Hot Topic variety. It’s ironic that the Mouse House has so enthusiastically embraced the film. More

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    ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ Poster Art by Jeff Soto

    Disney’s El Capitan theater in Hollywood, CA has asked Huckleberry to create a print to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Artist Jeff Soto created the artwork for the silkscreen print which has already gone up for sale. With the purchase of each poster, the recipient will receive one General […] More

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    The Art of Witchcraft

      With the eve when the veils between worlds is at its thinnest around the corner, it’s difficult not to think of the day’s most prominently featured figure: the witch. Below is an essential viewing list, ranging in genre and targeted age group, of filmic work that showcase witches (loosely defined for our purposes) and […] More

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    Extended Thoughts on ‘Alice in Wonderland’

    Alice in Wonderland Directed by Tim Burton Written by Linda Woolverton Starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Stephen Fry, Helena Bonham Carter Alice in Wonderland is a truly inexplicable, baffling, painful film to watch. I don’t know what anyone involved in the film was thinking in making it. Did they want to honor the vision from […] More

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    Still Holding Out for Mister J

    Here the focus will be on the Joker and the argument will be we have yet to see a proper rendition on the big screen (I’m not counting certain interesting videogame versions). Before beginning, one has to concede the Cesar Romero interpretation, whatever its genuine brilliance, was too tame by half to truly merit the top spot yet an argument can be made this is the closest to seeing the Joker in the flesh. More

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