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    The 20 Best Film Scores of 2014

    It’s been a great year for film music. I say that as someone who had to endure the laughably dated qualities of Alberto Iglesias’ Exodus: Gods and Kings and had to swallow the pill that is Howard Shore‘s latter days Middle-earth music. But it has been a great year. Clint Mansell gave us haunting, complex soundscapes in Noah, the […] More

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    50 Best Films of 2014

    40. Night Moves Since 2006, Kelly Reichardt has found a way to reach inside of the hearts of her audiences, plucking out strings one by one with desolate re-imaginations of the American Pacific Northwest, seen through the eyes of people not so different than ourselves. With Meek’s Cutoff, she departed from her typical genre and moved […] More

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    Best Movie Trailers of 2014

    Making a trailer is never an easy feat, regardless of the film being promoted.  Nearly everyone has a story of a flawed trailer that does the opposite of its job, whether it’s by giving away the entire story of the film being promoted, or by poorly using a song. However, a memorable trailer can detach […] More

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    2014: An Explosion of Art, Alienation, and Self-Drive in Film

    After a summer season of blockbusters that gave the cinematic landscape of jewels and gems worthy of inspection a shake,  “awards season,” from which some worthy contenders showed themselves, came roaring. Likewise, a backlog of more movies in the thick of this holiday season growing, certain timely realities proved elusive, in terms of getting to […] More

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    25 Best Horror Films of 2014 (Part 2)

    This list is in alphabetical order. Only Lovers Left Alive (voted by Rick) Only Lovers Left Alive, the latest film from cult indie director Jim Jarmusch, stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Adam and Eve, two century old vampires. Adam is an underground musician with a dedicated cult following. In his past time, he […] More

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    Halfway Mark: The Best Movies of 2014 (so far) Part 2

        15. Stranger by the Lake Directed by Alain Guiraudie Written by Alain Guiraudie France Though Stranger by the Lake premiered at last year’s Cannes Film Festival (and appeared on Sound On Sight’s best of 2013 list), it finally reached North American audiences in January of this year. Alain Guiraudie’s stunning noir-tinged thriller is […] More

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    Halfway Mark: The Best Movies of 2014 (so far) Part 1

    Picking the best movies that come out in any given year is no easy feat. For film fans, a quality feature can come out at any time, from any one, and discovering an enjoyable and well-crafted feature is truly a pleasure. As we reach the halfway point of the year, many excellent films have already […] More

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    ‘Under the Skin’ reinvents sci-fi tropes to dazzling effect

    An alien lifeform comes to Earth disguised as a beautiful woman, to prey on unwary human males, seducing them and luring them to their doom. Nine times out of ten, a premise like that of Under the Skin would produce a crass, low brow skin flick, psuedo-porn masquerading as science fiction. But director Jonathan Glazer seems to know this, and has performed the same bait and switch as the alien in the film, luring audiences in with the promise of eroticism and dropping them unawares into a disorienting, frightening landscape. But unlike the poor saps of the film, victims of Glazer’s seduction will come out with their internal organs still safe and sound in their body cavities, and a truly unique film experience to reflect on. More

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    Recommended Reading: Louie Against the Common Core, NFB’s 75th Anniversary, the Vanished Film Print and more

    Nymphomaniac and the infinite loneliness of Lars von Trier by David Ehrlich “Early in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, Young Joe (Stacy Martin) coos these words to one of the countless men she has sex with during the two part, 241-minute opus of depravity. While what she’s saying carries a clear erotic charge, her bluntly literal […] More

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    ‘Under the Skin’ a terrifying, beautiful, and utterly disturbing return from Jonathan Glazer

    Under the Skin Written by Walter Campbell and Jonathan Glazer Directed by Jonathan Glazer UK and USA, 2013 A profound sense of unease permeates and accompanies Under the Skin, Jonathan Glazer’s first film in nearly 10 years. Glazer’s debut feature, the excellent British gangster picture Sexy Beast, married vicious and profane dialogue with a penchant […] More

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