Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, Ep. 5.09, “What Happened and What’s Going On” is a very symbolic return

It’s just an episode to bid a heartbreaking goodbye to our big man Tyreese, but mostly it’s about warning signs and how poorly the group has responded to them. Tyreese mainly failed to find the warning signs within the house he was raiding for character Noah, thus he’s bitten and lies relatively infected and dying from a vicious bite wound. Now he has to face his demons, which come back to find him and show him why he’s basically been the poor man’s survivor the entire the entire time he’s been on the show. The only reason he’s survived so long is because of his size and strength, but beyond that there isn’t much Tyreese has done beyond mow down a few zombies here and there.

Best Video Games of 2014 (Pt.3)

Due to its propensity for conflict, war has long been a popular backdrop for video games but never has it been seen like this. Filled with humanity, sorrow, and honesty, Valiant Hearts: The Great War uses the true history of World War I to weave together the stories of its protagonists (ranging from a German soldier, to a French POW, to a Belgian combat nurse). The gorgeous graphics, evolving gameplay, and original design only serve to make the experience offered here more enticing. Thoroughly moving and steeped with loss, Valiant Hearts is not a game you will soon forget.


The Walking Dead, Ep. 5.07, “Crossed” and why season five is such an improvement

“Crossed” cuts back and forth between four groups in four different locations in order to set up the big midseason-finale next week. While it seems a wide decision to check back in with Rick and Michonne after several episodes spent elsewhere, the episode feels like a filler/transitional episode. There are far too many characters to follow in far too many places, and the end result feels somewhat disjointed. It succeeds in moving the chess pieces into their necessary places for next week’s dramatic showdown, but lacks the tension and urgency viewers were anticipating. With plenty of dialogue and little action, “Crossed” is the weakest installment of season five yet.


The Walking Dead, Ep. 5.06, “Consumed” a welcome return to the show’s most compelling characters

“Consumed” follows Carol and Daryl in pursuit of the mysterious vehicle that belongs to Beth’s kidnappers. The dynamic duo make good progress into the city eventually making their way to a safe house while running into the occasional zombies along the way. The hour proves harmless enough for the pair of seasoned veterans, and while at times exciting, “Consumed” it is a predictable, voyage into the heart of Atlanta. But despite a lack of suspense and horror, “Consumed” is a welcome return to two of the show’s most compelling characters; and an episode that gives two of our least talkative survivors a chance to express themselves. The journey is the destination this week. “Consumed” gives Carol and Daryl some much-needed breathing room to examine how much they’ve both changed in five seasons.

The Walking Dead, Ep. 5.05, “Self Help” one of best episodes in five seasons

“Self Help” is one of The Walking Dead’s best episodes; a starkly beautiful, harrowing journey with touches of black humour. This is a tough, smart, ingenious instalment that leads its characters into situations where everything depends on their (and our) understanding of human nature. So what do they all do now? Do they head back to the church or remain separate from everyone and head north with no clear destination?

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