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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 76: “Heads Up”

    This week, PopOptiq’s Film Editor Patrick Murphy joins Kate and Ricky to discuss “Heads Up” and the triumphant return of Glenn. Among the many topics addressed are the green balloons, the helium tank, Carl’s condescending attitude, Sam and Carol’s relationship and Morgan’s current dilemma. All this and more. [powerpress] Playlist Roky Erickson – “I Walk […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 75: “Always Accountable”

    After taking a week off, Rick is back to discuss The Walking Dead with Kate, and this week we invite PopOptiq managing TV Editor Deepayan Sengupta to discuss the sixth episode of season six, “Always Accountable”. One of us is not a fan of this episode so be prepared for some harsh criticism. [powerpress] Playlist […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 72: “Thank You”

    This week we invite PopOptiq contributor Felix Vasquez Jr. To discuss an emotionally devastating episode of The Walking Dead. “Thank You” left us with plenty of questions including whether or not a certain character indeed died and whether or not Rick Grimes was bit in the hand. All this and more. [powerpress] Playlist Roky Erickson […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 71: “JSS”

    This week on The Walking Dead, Carol turns into a one-woman army and Jessie butchers a man in front of her son with a pair of scissors. There’s a lot to discuss this week including Enid’s backstory, the mysterious Wolves, Morgan’s philosophy and Dr. Denise Cloyd, played by Merrit Wever. Joining us this week to […] More

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    The Walking Dead, Ep. 6.02, “JSS”

    We now know that while Rick’s methods have been cruel in some respects, his way works, and works hard. I say that because, while the Alexandrians are out planning to overthrow him, the Wolves invade and slaughter about twenty five percent of the village. More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 70: “First Time Again”

    The PopOptiq Walking Dead podcast is back, and Kate and Rick are extremely excited thanks to the stellar season six premiere. Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic opens its new season with a bang and mastermind Greg Nicotero (and his crew) deliver the biggest, most visually impressive spectacle the series has ever witnessed! Joining us this week is […] More

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    Kim Dickens: The Unsung Hero

    Kim Dickens may be an unrecognizable name, but she is certainly a recognizable face. In the past several years, Dickens has had prominent roles in some of the most acclaimed television shows of all time, Sons of Anarchy, Treme, House of Cards, Lost, and Friday Night Lights just to name a few. In each of […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 69: “Conquer”

    From start to finish, the episode, aptly titled “Conquer” was a surprising conclusion to what many are calling the best season of The Walking Dead, so far. “Conquer” features three similar stories running along parallel tracks, as well as the return of one of our favourite characters. This week, guest host Josh Mocle joins us […] More

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    The Walking Dead, Ep. 5.15: “Try” is all setup for the finale

    The Walking Dead has a bad habit of low points before they reach their season enders, and “Try” is really no exception. “Try” is one of the more forced episodes of the season, one that doesn’t just flip the script by completely transforming Rick into a villain, but into Shane. It’s surprising that this isn’t brought up more often within the confines of the series, because it’s become the crux of what the show is all about. Shane accepted the new law of the land while Rick fought hard to preserve his own humanity. Now Rick is just like Shane, and there isn’t much ballyhoo behind this transformation. More

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