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The Walking Dead, Ep. 4.04, “Indifference” bids farewell in style

The Walking Dead, Ep. 4.04, “Indifference” bids farewell in style


The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 4: “Indifference”
Directed by Tricia Brock
Written by Matthew Negrete
Airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC

The fourth episode of season four of The Walking Dead spends the majority of its time outside the prison gates. Tyreese, Darryl, Michonne and Bob search for a way back, while Rick and Carol head out in search of more supplies. In the past we’ve bid farewell to many of our favourite characters. Of the bunch, the only one who didn’t go out as a result of death is Morgan, who not once, but twice separated himself from Rick Grimes by choice. But “Indifference” marks the first time a character is asked to leave. It remains to be seen how the events of this episode will impact the rest of the season, and more importantly, if it will somehow tie in to the future spinoff show. The central theme of “Indifference” focusses around the cast of survivors letting go of something or someone, but of the bunch, Rick and Carol’s conflict remains the most complex. The fantastic cold opener which features Carol having a heart warming conversation with Lizzy, juxtaposed with Rick imagining how Carol went about killing Karen and David, sets the stage for the best 45 minutes of Dead action since last season’s “Clear”.

Rick and Carol spend the bulk of their alone time together, dancing around Carol’s decision, and any hope viewers might have had in thinking that their was a slight chance Carol only killed David and Karen after they turned into walkers, is shattered. “They would have drowned in their own blood. They were suffering. I made it quick,” she tells Rick, but Rick isn’t having it. “Indifference” marks another stunning performance from Melissa McBride, further establishing her as the show’s most interesting character and best performer. The decision to remove her from the series just when her character is at the peak of her game is a ballsy one, but taking risks is something a series like The Walking Dead needs to do, and do more often. While she will be missed, her character at least went out alive and well.

The episode’s second storyline focussing on Daryl’s group is less effective than Rick and Carol, largely because Tyreese mopes around and Bob’s alcoholism comes back to haunt him. With two of the four characters drowning in their own misery, not even Michonne’s jab at humour, and Darryl’s heroics can lighten up the proceedings. With that said, the episode continues the season’s goal to develop, justify and strengthen the various personalities. Their journey culminates with Michonne letting go of her ongoing search for The Governor; Bob chooses to hold on to the bottle (but it remains to be seen if he actually takes a sip); Tyreese seems to regain focus; and Darryl is still the same badass-loving-redneck we all know and love.

– Ricky D

Rick and Carol are the highlight of the hour, and their interactions are so well written that not even the introduction of post-apocalyptic Hipsters can ruin it.

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