Werner Herzog

New on Video: ‘My Winnipeg’

Through a series of staged reenactments from his life and from the city’s past, juxtaposed with anecdotes and trivia of varying degrees of believability, Maddin creates a hilarious, haunting, and kaleidoscopic survey of 100 years of Winnipeg, and how he relates to it all.

New on Video: ‘Stroszek’

One movie that has always stood out as being among Herzog’s most unusual is Stroszek, from 1977. Well received upon its release, and now recognized as one of the German filmmaker’s finest films, Stroszek is something of an enigma in Herzog’s career full of enigmatic works.

New on Video: ‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’

Herzog frequently manages to endow the mundane and the banal with qualities of inherent peculiarity; working specifically within the horror genre, his capacity for the uncanny is as intoxicating as ever

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