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    Hilarious Werner Herzog Motivational Posters will make your day… or ruin it with existential guilt

    Though Werner Herzog recently imparted some helpful advice for filmmakers and the like, you can’t really get a sense of his undying wisdom unless his words are shared ironically on stock image worthy pictures of mountains and butterflies and hung on your wall. Enter the Tumblr Herzog Inspirationals, which just may be the greatest film […] More

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    New on Video: ‘My Winnipeg’

    Through a series of staged reenactments from his life and from the city’s past, juxtaposed with anecdotes and trivia of varying degrees of believability, Maddin creates a hilarious, haunting, and kaleidoscopic survey of 100 years of Winnipeg, and how he relates to it all. More

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    Week in Review: Make a horror movie with Guillermo Del Toro

    YouTube announced a contest this week in collaboration with director Guillermo Del Toro in which entrants with YouTube channels can submit a short horror story to be judged by Del Toro, with the winner getting the opportunity to sign a deal with Del Toro’s Legendary Pictures. The contest is called “You Tube Space House of […] More

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    Telluride 2014: Festival Recap and Photoset

    The phenomenal 41st Telluride Film Festival flew by with lightning speed over Labor Day weekend. It kicked off Friday night with a Russian themed feed for the patrons, guests, and staff on main street, and closed with a joyous Labor Day picnic for the film goers in the town park. The weekend was jammed full of docs, […] More

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    Telluride Film Festival 2014: Most Anticipated

    The Telluride Film Festival seemingly appears overnight against the gorgeous backdrop of rugged mountains. It lasts just four days but in fact it takes more than a month of intensive labor to transform the elementary school, high school, hockey rink, library, the park in the middle of town and a masonic temple into theaters. Now in its 41st […] More

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    New on Video: ‘Stroszek’

    One movie that has always stood out as being among Herzog’s most unusual is Stroszek, from 1977. Well received upon its release, and now recognized as one of the German filmmaker’s finest films, Stroszek is something of an enigma in Herzog’s career full of enigmatic works. More

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    The Definitive War Movies: 50-41

    With Memorial Day a week ago and Independence Day fast approaching, it seemed fitting to look at the history of war films from the world (I’m American, after all – though this site originates in Canada). So, as we move through the list, the important aspects to remember: first, these have to take place during […] More

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    Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 141: ‘Bears’

    It’s been one week since the last episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, but just barely. On this week’s show, Josh and Gabe had to grin and bear it while discussing the new Disneynature documentary Bears. They’re joined by Sound on Sight contributor Zach Lewis to debate some of the big questions: how much do documentarians owe […] More

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