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Telluride 2011: Herzog, Polanski And Alfredson To Attend

2011 marks many firsts for Sound On Sight. One of those new yearly highlights is coverage on the Telluride Film Festival. Site editor and host of the Sound On Sight podcast, Simon Howell is currently in Colorado all set to attend the festival for the very first time. Back in April, he applied to be one of fifty students admitted to the Telluride Film Festival’s Student Symposium, a process that involved writing an essay. The essay question: “If you were being sent into the distant future, and you could take just one film with you, which would you take, and why?” You can read his response over at this link.


Tonight Apple accidentally leaked that David Cronenberg’s latest A Dangerous Method was scheduled to premiere at the fest. Now Twitch reports that Roman Polanski’s Carnage and Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker, Tailor. Soldier Spy along with Werner Herzog’s latest documentary Into The Abyss will be included in the slate. Considering that neither Carnage nor TTSS are listed to screen at TIFF, it is a sure bet these rumours are true. Also everyone knows that Herzog is a huge supporter of the festival, so I’m betting Into The Abyss will also screen at Telluride. Keep checking back on our site for more coverage, and please follow Simon on Twitter.