Rick Remender Turns Deadpool into a Team Player in ‘Uncanny X-Force’

In the pages of Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, most of the members of that assassination team have lost something. Wolverine lost his son. Angel lost his life while Psylocke lost her love. Fantomex lost his independence. And Deadpool? Well, as in almost all things, Deadpool was the oddity in Remender’s story about the moral ambiguity of these heroes.

Deadpool Header

Deadpool: Everything you need to know

Much like a pre-2008 Iron Man, Deadpool is a beloved character whose cult popularity has yet to reach mainstream audiences. In order to get moviegoers up to speed for the movie, here is a quick rundown on who Deadpool is and why his new film is significant.

“Messiah War”: The Storyline Where Nothing Happens

There’s a certain trend in most stories where the characters go through some sort of change or growth by the end of the story; they’re no longer the same or in the same position as they were in the beginning. After all, this is the point of a story. “Messiah War”, the Cable/X-Force crossover, completely ignores this crucial aspect of storytelling and winds up being the crossover where nothing happens. “Messiah War” is a seven part crossover that never needed to happen, starring Cable the babysitter and the worst X-Force roster ever assembled.[1] Although it’s not the worst X-Over of all time, “Messiah War” has very little working in its favor. The characters are generically bland, the plot is way too simple to justify a seven issue crossover, and there’s no real resolution because as previously stated, this is a crossover where NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!

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