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FOX Might Make an X-Force Movie?! Who’s Gonna be Cable?!

FOX Might Make an X-Force Movie?! Who’s Gonna be Cable?!


Fox is arguably one of the biggest miners of the Marvel Universe, and for the longest time now, they have been drilling at the world of Mutants to deliver films attempting to please fan-boys worldwide (hitting the mark about half of the time, IMO).

If you’ve been keeping up with any other news sources involving the topics we discuss here at, you’ll know that an X-Force movie is currently in the works – or so we think. The lovely folks at (click here to check out their post) have reported and compiled a string of Tweets from Robert Liefeld who has “confirmed” that an X-Force movie is “in the works”. Only time will tell if  X-Force will get a green-light. Fox is currently finishing up their two newest films, The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past with fans eagerly waiting for the X-Men family to return to the big screen…well, some of us anyway.

X-Force was first introduced in the comic book New Mutants (vol. 1, issue #100). The team consisted of Boomer, Cable, Cannonball, Copycat (as Domino), Feral, Shatterstar, and Warpath. Like all teams, members have changed rotation with the current team comprised of Cable, Forge, Colossus, Domino, Dr. Nemesis, and Boom-Boom. Other big names that were on the team are Deadpool, Wolverine, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Fantomex, Archangel, and so many more. With a roster stacked with familiar names, it’s interesting to know that an X-Force film has been considered by Hollywood. Now the real questions are:

1.) Who would be on the cinematic team?250px-Cable-promo-image
2.) Who could play each role?

The idea of an X-Force film is strictly speculation at this time, but if I had any power over casting and character selection, this is who I’d pick:

– Cable…obviously
– Deadpool
– Domino

Cable has been an X-Force staple since its creation so what would an X-Force movie be without one of its biggest characters (it would be like an X-Men movie without a Cyclops…wait, I think that’s been done a couple of times)? I included Deadpool because he’s a personal favorite of mine and because he’s the only character in the X-Men Cinematic Universe to have had some screen time, albeit horribly scripted. This would be the baited hook for X-Men film fans that may not necessarily be familiar with X-Force. Finally, I added Domino to round out the group. Her skill-set and her interaction with Deadpool in the comics could make for some humorously witty screen time and some kick-ass action.

You might be wondering why I made my dream team so small. Well, for one, having a small team would allow for sequels and cameos. If one were to just throw a handful of names into the first film without any introduction (X-3: The Last Stand) the story and characters can become too diluted. Finally, WHO will play each role…

2187039-uncanny_x_force_1_panel1.) Cable played by…???
2.) Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds
3.) Domino played by Michelle Rodriguez

Of each of these characters, Cable is the only character that I cannot decide on. Obviously, Ryan Reynolds would play Deadpool for continuity purposes. He’s definitely funny and I think could carry a good action sequence GRANTED a script is written well AND they get the character description RIGHT (I’d also like to add that Jim Carrey would have made an amazing Deadpool, but with him recently expressing his feelings towards the violence in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, my dreams of seeing a perfect Merc with a Mouth have been thwarted). Michelle Rodriguez would be a great Domino. She’s a solid action actor, she definitely has that edgy-won’t-tolerate-no-crap-from-no-one look and feel to her, and she’s a smokin’ hottie. Some people might be inclined to gravitate to Resident Evil’s leading lady Mila Jovovich as she has proven to be a great action actress, but Michelle Rodriguez is my personal choice.

Now, question for you ladies and gents: who could play Cable and who would be on your X-Force Cinematic Team? Sound off in the comment section below.

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