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Tarantino to direct a Gangster Pic?


Variety recently reported that Quentin Tarantino boasted about an upcoming project at the recent Morelia Film Festival in Mexico.  This comes on the heels of his announcement of an upcoming Kill Bill sequel that Tarantino made while on Italian television.

Quentin now claims that he is open to the thought of “re-imagining a 1920s to ’30s “Pretty Boy Floyd” type gangster movie.”  I see it as possibly similar to Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, only better because Tarantino writes better dialogue and directs better performances.  Tarantino has also suggested re-imagining “a western.”

Inglourious Basterds, still in the box-office top 15, has already grossed $247 million worldwide and rumors are also flying about the Weinsteins pressuring him for a sequel. Tarantino did say in Mexico that he has plenty of ideas for an Inglourious prequel more so than a sequel since half the characters die off.

Whatever his choice, Tarantino is smart to strike while the iron is still hot.