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The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

5) Lana Del Rey “Young and Beautiful”
Directed by Chris Sweeney

Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby adaptation is out now and Lana Del Rey is the first of the star-studded soundtrack to release a video for her contribution. “Young and Beautiful” is a breathtakingly shot thing where Lana is dressed up like a striking jazz musician in a noir movie. She is accompanied by a shadowy orchestra that supply a fantastic and beautiful atmosphere. The video is shot like an Italian horror film from the 70’s and doesn’t really fit in with the vibe Luhrmann’s adaptation depicts but it’s still very elegant and beautiful and very Lana Del Reyish.

4) Smith Westerns “Varsity”
Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz

Smith Westerns return next month with their new album Soft Will and the video for the lead single “Varsity” just screams summer. It opens with a number of close-ups that are beautifully filled with dreamlike washes of light that remind you of an evening during the summer. The shot where a girl slowly dances to a bright yellow backdrop feel like something out of H&M or asos advert but when we quickly change to a loft-elevator makeout session it’s clear the video explores a dream like romance, something summer is all about.

3) ASTR “Operate”

New York newcomers ASTR are super ambiguous and really interesting. The Fader describes them as something like Purity Ring meets Rihanna and I can’t think of a better description. Their debut video “Operate” features interesting and darkly lit shots of the duo as well as a pretty weird and slightly uncomfortable collection of archival footage. It’s disparate to say the least and creative and I’m definitely intrigued and after hearing their Beck cover I am definitely looking forward to hearing/seeing more from them.

2) Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito”
Directed by B. Shimbe Shim

Everything about the latest Yeah Yeah Yeahs album has been fantastic, from the epic and powerful “Sacrilege” to intoxicating “Mosquito”. The videos keep getting more amazingly bizarre and for “Mosquito” they’ve created a quite literal video. Featuring a closeup of a digital mosquito feasting upon a hand that belongs to a small boy featured in the picture-in-picture box, the video is a uncomfortably mesmerising.

1) David Bowie “The Next Day”
Directed by Floria Sigismundi

When editor-in-chief Ricky D posted a news story for the new Bowie video, it was pretty obvious it would be number one this week. For his third video from latest album The Next Day its great to see Bowie keeping things cinematic and strange. Once again Floria Sigismundi is directing A-list movie stars (previously Tilda Swinton, this time Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman) in a church tale “written and conceived” by Bowie Himself and it’s his best video yet.


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– Catstello