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The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

5) The xx “Fiction”
Directed by Young Replicant

Kicking off this week’s 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week is the latest from English indie band, The xx. There’s not an awful lot going on in “Fiction” but it’s visually stunning. The slow pace, and moody black-and-white vibe makes up for the lack of narrative. It’s pretty, stylish and engaging in a similar way Yoann Lemoine’s video for Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” is. I wouldn’t usually include a video like this but there wasn’t a lot that grabbed me this week.

4)Merchandise “Totale Nite”
Directed by Merchandise

My reasons behind including Merchandise’s “Totale Nite” is because it reminded me of Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible. It’s pretty much 8 minutes of double-exposed and eerily lit footage of the band playing, without the horrifying rape and violence of course.

3) Kool AD “Jaleel White”

There’s something really engaging about music videos with extremely simple concepts and this is definitely one of them. My favourite YouTube comment pretty much sums up the video: “I’m not even high and this got me tweakin”. The song is great and the video is intoxicating.

2) Kurt Vile “KV Crimes”
Directed by Tom Scharpling

This is the second great video (the first being “Never Run Away“) to come from Kurt Vile’s latest album. August 28 will be Kurt Vile day in Philadelphia, and fittingly in his latest video Vile parades through town on a throne. Giving out golden guitar picks and feasting on silver platters, it seems Philadelphia has a new Fresh Prince.

1) Vampire Weekend “Diane Young”
Directed by Primo Kahn

Number one this week is Primo Kahn and Vampire Weekend’s wacky Last Super video for “Diane Young”. Although it’s put together very well and is ripe with a number of indie-celeb cameos, I can’t help but think why isn’t Steve Buscemi there?

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– Catstello