The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) The Ruby Suns “In Real Life”
Directed by Simon Ward

Presented as an American Idol spoof,  “In Real Life” is a clever song about escapism and director Simon Ward provides us with an entertaining video to match. We see Ruby Suns frontman Ryan McPhun participating in a game show called “Are You Good at Something?” singing along to the words “I never want to live in real life”. He also plays the judges and audiences members anchoring the message of the song. The anti-reality anthem is the soundtrack to a video that condenses a whole season of the show into four minutes, the video cleverly includes a range of people, genres and covers all aspects of the talent show.


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4) Indians “I Am Haunted”
Directed by Winston H. Case

This video is driven by an interesting revolving camera perspective that shows Soren Lokke Juul of Indians as a helpless prisoner tied to a chair. In a dimly-lit basement, the narrative of the video is eerie and disorientating. As the video progresses he falls victim to beatings and torture, both physical and mental. The video is an interesting experiment concerning the act of voyeurism, depending on whether you get to the chilling final image.


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3) Chad Valley (feat. Twin Shadow) “I Owe You This”
Directed by Grant White and Jon Park

Mirroring the youthful debauchery on display in the music, this video follows a gang of friends up to mischief. Exploring the joy of youth, we see a group of innocent teenagers break into a deserted bowling alley and indulging in a number of antics. Videos that feature one primary setting often work better as they allow more the directors to focus on perfectly the shots and cinematography. The video is beautifully shot and there is a strong sense of sunset nostalgia present throughout. The ending is reminiscent of M83’s “Midnight City”,  beautiful!


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2) Grizzly Bear “Gun Shy”
Directed by Kris Moyles

The idea behind this video came from the question: “if the creative energy of any living organism could be seen, what would it look like?” director Moyles stated. An interesting concept ripe with a number of ambiguous visuals. “Gun Shy” focuses on both mundane details such as eyeballs, clothing and flowers but it also captures disorientating, jerky repeating motions. Everything is twitchy and reminiscent of going for check-ups at the doctors. This is a really cool, surreal and highly original video with a beautiful countryside as the backdrop.

1) How To Destroy Angels “How Long?”
 Directed by Shynola

Another highly original video brought to us by London based visual arts collective Shynola and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Raznor’s new band. The short film occurred when Shynola and How To Destroy Angels had a conversation about modern identity and the inability. Shynola also said they were coincidentally toying with ideas for a feature film about a civilisation in which humans revert to primitive behaviour.

This visually stunning and beautifully dark video depicts a grim view of where civilisation could be heading. The song and video work together surprisingly well. Visually striking and featuring Expressionist themes man hunts man in a terrifying, dystopian future.

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