The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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The week of surfacing tracks.


5) Lana Del Rey “Burning Desire”
Directed by ?

First on this week’s list is Lana Del Rey’s Jaguar advert for video “Burning Desire”. Admittedly I wouldn’t usually endorse something of this nature or include it on this list but this time I had to. This video is beautifully executed blending elements from both advertisements and music videos perfectly. Including the right amount of shots of the sleek red Jaguar F-Type and sultry pop artist Lana makes for stunning visuals. There is also a heavy use of old, archive footage which suits the song and is also a great touch.


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4) Wavves “Demon To Lean On”
Directed by Nathan Williams

Although Wavves frontman Nathan Williams states this isn’t the official video, this is still a great video that has surfaced this week. The video is a collection of clips from American documentary series “Cops”, a show that follows police officers during patrols and a show that Nathan often tweets about. ‘Demon To Lean On” is the latest track from the new album to surface and by releasing this video, Williams is adding to the hype.


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3) Drake “Started From The Bottom”
Directed by Director X and Drake

Latest video from Drake is the first track to have surfaced from his third solo album ‘Nothing Was the Same’ which is out later this year. The video depicts exactly what the song is about in an entertaining fashion. Starting from the beginning we see ‘the bottom’, Drake and his buddies working in a supermarket. Ignoring the awkward spoken part of the video, ‘Started From The Bottom’ is entertaining and fun to watch. By the end of the video we see Drake and his team living life with standard, obnoxious rap video shots of booties to go with it.


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2) Tyler, The Creator “Domo 23”
Directed by Wolf Haley

“Domo 23″ is the first track from Tyler, The Creator’s sophomore album WOLF that is out April 2. The video consists of a odd futuristic vision of a professional wrestling match between Tyler and Domo Genesis, with Earl Sweatshirt as the referee. As well as that, the video features a less intense outro where Tyler sings the camera and frolics around.

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1) Pissed Jeans “Bathroom Laughter”
Directed by Joe Stakun

The number one spot this week is the insomniac’s dream that is Pissed Jeans’ “Bathroom Laughter”. The video consists of a man watching a late night/early morning teleshopping advert or infomercial. These are often not entertaining at all but Pissed Jeans take it a whole new level where things go from bad to worse.


Tara Costello

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