The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) Melody’s Echo Chamber “Crystallized”
Directed by Zabia Jabbar

First on the list this week is the latest from Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker and French singer Melody Prochet. This video features a heavy use of disorienting edits which suits the lofi-esque track really well. The deadpan performances provided by Melody help transform a slightly boring concept into a cool, visually interesting video.


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4) Ra Ra Riot “Dance With Me”

The Brooklyn-based indie pop band Ra Ra Riot get chased by a bunch of zombie-skeletons in their latest video “Dance With Me”. This is a somewhat scary concept but juxtaposed by an upbeat track makes the video fun and entertaining. The video consists of quirky, DIY, cut-and-paste visuals that are really refreshing.


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3) Atoms For Peace “Ingenue”
Directed by Garth Jenkins

Ever since Radiohead’s video for “Lotus Flower” emerged, people around the world have longed for more videos of Thom Yorke’s mesmerising dancing. This week we’re treated to another video with more awesome dancing, but this time it’s for electronic supergroup Atoms For Peace. The video is consists of Yorke  gyrating in his own unique way again but this time he is joined by professional dancer Fukiko Takase. Both wearing matching outfits and ponytails, “Ingenue” is a great video and the use of colour and coordination works as a great contrast from “Lotus Flower”/Radiohead.


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2) Sunny Ali and The Kid “High Treason”
Directed by Chris Sembrot & Vincent Bilotta

Everybody’s favourite urban cowboys Sunny Ali and The Kid released a wicked new music video for their single “High Treason” this week. This is an awesome and original music video that appeals to the voyeur.  Primarily shot in Philly’s own Kung Fu Necktie the video shows a date night at a honkey tonk bar with shots of the duo performing. It’s beautifully lit and couldn’t suit the simple percussion and monochromatic guitar riffs any better.


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1) David Bowie “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
Directed by Floria Sigismondi

Tilda Swinton stars in the video to Bowie’s second single from upcoming release The Next Day, as his happily married wife. This video is equally weird, but much better than the previous “Where Are We Now?” and the song is more enjoyable too. Ripe with Lynchian overtones, Tilda is the perfect match for Bowie and together they rock the odd, suburban vibe perfectly. The video consists of their happy, suburban life being interrupted by neighbours, a celebrity couple played by Andrej and Saskia De Brauw. It’s a great, visually striking piece of work that illuminates the meaning of the lyrics and explores androgyny and the meaning of fame. It’s a brilliant second single and creates even more excitement for the highly anticipated release.

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