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The Amazing Race, Ep. 23.10: “Cobra In My Teeth”

The Amazing Race, Ep. 23.10: “Cobra In My Teeth”

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The Amazing Race, Season 23, Episode 10: “Cobra In My Teeth”
Aired Sundays at 8pm (ET) on CBS

We begin the 10th leg in Bandung, Indonesia, where the Afghanimals depart first to King Cobra House and eat snake, sadly, alone, as their race wives were ejected last week. Come to think of it, all the weaker teams are now gone, and we might have an exciting episode with some heavy-hitters duking it out for once. How it lies in the beginning is that the Aghanimals are aware they are the target; Marie is the toughest girl Tim knows, but it could all end with Marie’s weak stomach; Jason and Amy have not won a leg yet, but Amy is excited to eat snake; and the Dr.’s are itching to come back from their poor performance in the last leg.

When it comes time, everyone eats the snake at the same time, except Tim and Marie. They haven’t found the place, ending up at a different entrance. They argue as usual and are at a standstill as everyone moves on. They also continue to worry about the eating, as Marie is a ridiculously picky eater.

Roadblock: Who wants to be hard boiled? Basically, boiling eggs on a volcano after a ride on a motor scooter. Jamal, Jason, and Mr. Dr. volunteer for the challenge, as Tim and Marie finally find the snake place and choke their portions down. The boys ride back, with Jamal staying an extra two minutes to cook. His eggs are better overall, but still need some more time. Marie shows up. Everyone ducks as she walks up. Mr. Dr. and Jason plan to tell her it only takes 8 minutes, showing their hypocrisy, since they always bag on the Afghanimals for lying. Tim worries about Marie’s patience, thinking she will definitely fail the test of boiling eggs, apparently a task she has never undertook. Everyone besides Tim and Marie, who are behind, finish together on their second try.

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Detour: Paint Your Partner or Turn over a New Leaf. Basically, make each other upas Javanese brides without use of a mirror, or work in tea fields, searching for shears. Amy and Jason obviously do paint, and Dr.’s follow their lead. Afghanimals head to the fields. Back at the volcano, Marie holds eggs over the water instead of inside. Steamed eggs! After the commercial break, she finally puts them inside for a long time and then heads off. Tim is shocked she got it on the first try. She responds, “I over-cook things, that’s what I do!” It’s cute, as far as Marie goes.

Also having a surprisingly cute moment, Mr. and Mrs. Dr.! “My husband looks like the sexiest drag queen ever,” she says, while painting him all over. Both men have to go clean-shaven for the task. Three men, actually, as Tim and Marie also join. Tim is unsure about a make-up challenge, but Marie wants to stick with the flock, and leave the Afghanimals on the outs. “You’re so metro, you’ll be fine,” she assures.

Afghanimals, meanwhile, are indeed on the outs, as they are looking for a needle in a haystack. All they do find is a white flag, and appropriately use it to surrender. But when they head to Paint Your Partner, see the other teams still struggling, and learn they would have to shave… they head straight back to the fields.

Jason and Amy finish first with immaculate make-up. They are first for once and win a trip to Cancun, proving they are the strongest team here, in their words. Then it’s the Exes against the Dr.’s. The Exes get the OK at the challenge first, even though they arrived much later, but once the Dr.’s clean up their act, they catch right up behind. It’s a taxi cab race as they end up second and third, amazingly running together down Cimahi waterfall.

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Afghanimals are last. After searching for three hours, they finally find the shears. They arrive at the Pit Stop defeated. But lo and behold, a non-elimination leg! They will have a Speed Bump in the 2 hour finale, but live to Afghanimal another day. And even got to keep their beards.