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“The Man From Nowhere” Gets An Early 2011 Release

This powerful gangster drama has reached over 6,000,000 viewers within 4 weeks of screening in Korea (KOFIC, Sep 2010) and the film has been opened with a big hit in North America. Now it arrives at the coolest season of the year in Montreal. The main actor, Won Bin is known as the top Drama male star in Korea, and the marvellous young girl starred in the film Brand New Life which was at Cannes Film Festival.

The Man from Nowhere is about a man named Tae-shik (Won Bin), a former special agent who becomes a loner after losing his wife in a miserable accident. He now runs a pawn shop and spends his days in a dingy apartment behind the shop, avoiding any contact with people as much as possible. However, he befriends So-mi (child actress Kim Sae-ron), the young girl next door, who is the neglected daughter of a drug addict. They both start to develop a strong friendship. Then So-mi gets kidnapped by a gang, and Tae-sik decides to go save her…

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