The Spoke Art Gallery Stanley Kubrick Collection


The Spoke Art Gallery recently organized a gorgeous art show tribute to Stanley Kubrick with such artists as Tim Doyle, Tracie Ching and Rhys Cooper participating. Below are just a few of the great posters designed for the occasion; however the entire collection is available on their website for all to see. Enjoy!

VanOrton-Design-2001-A-Space-Odyssey-686x960 Van-Orton-Design-The-Shining-686x959 Tim-Doyle-Death-of-the-Author-686x914 Thomas-Walker-Breadcrumbs-686x913

Fernando-Reza-Giddy-Up-Face-686x914 Fernando-Reza-Gee-I-wish-we-had-one-of-those-Doomsday-Machines-686x914



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