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Tim Burton Reunites With Ed Wood Screenwriters for The Addams Family

Deadline recently reported that Tim Burton would reunite with Ed Wood screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski on a 3D stop-motion animated adaptation of Charles Addams‘ The Addams Family.

“The project is based on artwork that Tim absolutely loves. The retrospective in New York of Tim’s own artwork showed how much of an influence Charles Addams was to him. We want the tone to be as darkly funny and subversive as the Addams drawings, and we’ve come up with an approach that nobody has ever done before.”

Ed Wood still remains to many fans, Tim Burton’s best film. The biopic of the life and work of the legendary ‘worst director of all time’, Edward D. Wood Jr., concentrated on the best-known period of his life in the 1950s, when he made Glen or Glenda (1953), Bride of the Monster (1955) and Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), and focused on both his transvestism and his touching friendship with the once great but now ageing and unemployed horror star Bela Lugosi. The film was nominated for two Oscars and the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival. The reunion between the writers and the director should excite long time fans of Burton’s work.