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Top 10 PS Plus Instant Game Collection Games for the PS4

Top 10 PS Plus Instant Game Collection Games for the PS4


Free things are always good, right? If you too are a frequent PS Plus subscriber you’ll have likely encountered the wave of criticism that usually follows each monthly line-up announcement. Despite the mounting number of negative feedback, there is still no denying that the service has provided gamers with a number of quality titles since its launch back in late 2013. To showcase the best of the best we take a look back at the greatest PS4 games ever to grace PS Plus.


10. InFamous: First Light (Offered January 2015)


Neon-fuelled speed freak Fetch takes the spotlight in this standalone expansion of InFamous’ PS4 debut. Visually the game is beautifully vibrant, as streaks of neon pink illuminate the already vividly colorful open world. Fetch was one of the more interesting characters introduced in Second Son’s campaign and the experience to delve deep into her backstory proved to be incredibly engaging. Core gameplay doesn’t stray too far from Second Son, but Fetch’s neon powered skillset does add an interesting twist to combat.


9. Injustice: Gods Among Us- Ultimate Edition (Offered January 2014)


DC’s beat em’ up Injustice became the first triple-A to be offered through the service back in early 2014. The game presents players with an extensive roster of DC characters and pits them against each other in one of the tightest brawlers you can find for the PS4. Combat feels extremely tight and largely accessible making the experience enjoyable for both genre veterans and newcomers.


8. Limbo (Offered August 2015)


Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Danish developer Playdead seemed to have shared this mentality when creating puzzle-platforming masterpiece Limbo. The game’s story follows a little boy in a quest to discover the fate of his lost sister. Along the way you’ll find yourself pursued by giant spiders, narrowly avoiding noxious traps and tasked with solving a series of simple, but engaging puzzles. Limbo’s chilling black-and-white tones and harrowing ambient score help to create an eerie world where nothing feels safe.


7. Fez (Offered August 2014)


This truly overlooked gem of a platformer pays homage to retro gaming mechanics and aesthetics while throwing in its own innovations. The main story follows cute 8-bit protagonist Gomez as he explores the game’s luscious world for cube particles in a ploy to reassemble the wrongs of the third dimension. Gomez has the unique ability to manipulate the environment switching between a 2D and 3D perspective in order to reach untouched areas.


6. Helldivers (Offered February 2016)


The twin-stick shooter Helldivers puts you at the helm of a galactic mission to protect home planet Super Earth and to rid the galaxy of the multiple threats that encompass it. The game offers players a plethora of weapons, stratagems and perks at their disposal to complement a wide range of play styles and provide multiple solutions to combat. Online co-op is nothing short of spectacular, as you join teams of up to four to try and take on more challenging planets and reap more handsome rewards and unlocks. Helldivers makes for some of the tensest action on the PS4, as you’ll anxiously take on wave after wave of enemies, staring at the clock and praying that you’ll be able to survive until your shuttle’s arrival.


5. The Walking Dead: Season 2 (Offered November 2015)


The second instalment in Telltale’s The Walking Dead series may lack the emotional punch and poignancy of its celebrated predecessor, but it still serves as a more than worthy extension. Set a number of months after the events of the first game, players now take control of Clementine, as she is broken off from her old group and encounters a new team of survivors. Throughout the game’s episodic structure you are presented with a number of difficult moral decisions that you are forced to make in a split second. The outcome of these choices leave a lasting impact on the story and it’s interesting to see what would have happened if you had decided the opposite. Included with the five main episodes is DLC ‘400 Days’, which allows you to follow the journey of a number of other survivors.


4. Transistor (Offered February 2015)


SuperGiant Game’s spiritual successor to the acclaimed Bastion is a poignantly beautiful action RPG that shines through its strategic turned based action and heartfelt narrative. The game allows you to slow down time in the middle of combat to plan out your attacks, which is incredibly satisfying as you can watch your moves plan out then adjust your strategy accordingly. Transistor’s hand drawn visuals and excellent score work to supplement the experience making it a game that can be appreciated on a great number of levels.


3. The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth (Offered November 2014)


The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth is a game of literally infinite possibilities due to its excellent randomisation system and seemingly limitless number of items. Although it may have near endless replayability within its core mode, the game additionally features a lengthy roster of characters and list of varied challenges to further spruce things up. Despite feeling punishingly hard, the game’s difficulty is always extremely fair and you’ll never feel reluctant to hit restart as each playthrough will be drastically different and will include its own chain of new items.


2. Resogun (Offered November 2013)


Not just one of the best launch titles for the PlayStation 4, but one of the best PlayStation exclusives, period. Resogun is a modern day re-imagining of 1980s space-shooter Defender, where you see yourself zipping around the screen at blazingly fast speeds, destroying hordes of enemies and attempting to save humans along the way. During the battle you’ll run into a number of different power ups that will help you to combat the ramping difficulty. The primary objective may be simple, but Resogun throws in plenty along the way to keep things feeling fresh, such as a shipbuilding mode, competitive leaderboards and the option of local multiplayer.


1. Rocket League (Offered July 2015)


Rocket League’s beautifully simplistic concept of combining rocket-propelled cars with football made it one of the most accessible and enjoyable gaming experiences of 2015. The game is incredibly fun to play online as you and your friends can form your own teams and take on players in various 4v4 modes. Making its debut on the PS4 last July through PS Plus, the game saw an influx of players at launch taking the pitch and fighting for a position at the top of the leaderboards. Psyonix’s continued support for the game and its thousands of hours of replayability secure Rocket League at the top spot on our countdown.

Kieran Harris