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Top 5 Bond Girls


Honor Blackman – Pussygalore (GoldFinger)

(Hint that she is a lesbian who is converted by Master James)

I like the idea that she can resist Bond’s charm, but not as she says because she’s immune. There is distinctly the possibility of a lesbian subtext; the way she dresses, her athletic prowess (athletic prowess alone does not necessarily mean lesbian, but in the context of the ‘60’s it could). Bond forces himself on her, and she responds to his actions after a short struggle. This scene implies a rape, and it never fails to astonish me how contemporary audiences don’t seem to mind at all; compare this scene to the rape scene in Sam Peckinpah’s STRAWDOGS for an interesting debate on the subject.


Claudine Auger – Dominoe (Thunderball)

Sexy; needing of a father figure; Bond appears and……

This is definitely turning into some sort of Freudian analysis


Diana Rigg-Tracy Vincenzo (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)

Intelligent, drop dead gorgeous, epitome of 60’s cool, British as in “yes sir”;

May not be the “best character” in the series, but Rigg’s performance alone transcends the limitations of it.


Michelle Yeoh-Wai Lin (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Fabulously independent, deadly and feminine wrapped up in an Asian body that will make your bones break and your eyes melt. The producers missed a hell of an opportunity to make a semi-regular character out of her; better than Halle Berry’s JINX character.


Daniela Bianchi-Tatiana Romanova (From Russia with Love)

Probably the most beautiful of the Bond girls in my humble opinion; she has such a feline allure to her persona that she must have been definitely part of any 60’s male adolescent’s wet dreams.

Mark Penny