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‘Toronto ComiCon 2016’ Journal: Sunday To-Do List

‘Toronto ComiCon 2016’ Journal: Sunday To-Do List


Toronto ComiCon 2016

Toronto ComiCon is officially underway. Taking place inside of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the event is a three-day pop culture celebration. Toronto ComiCon allows content creators and fans from all across the globe to come together and share their passion for comic books, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, video games, and anime.

Featuring over 25,000 fans, 400 exhibitors, 15,000 square feet of shopping, and numerous panels and guest appearances, the prospect of taking in all the sights can be staggering. I’ll be maintaining a weekend journal, pointing out notable events, and having dialogues with exhibitors and attendees.


Can’t Miss Events on Sunday, May 20

12:00 pm: Celebrity Q&A with Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes

Where you know him from:

Star Trek: The Next Generation (William Riker), Gargoyles (David Xanatos), Director (Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, The Librarians).

William Riker himself opens up about his prolific career in front of and behind the camera. This panel is a true can’t miss event.


1:00 pm: Celebrity Q&A with Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs

Where you know him from:

The Harry Potter Series (Lucius Malfoy), Awake (Michael Britten), Star Wars: Rebels (The Inquisitor/Sentinel)

Jason Isaacs is like the Lebron James of movie villainy. I know the difference between onscreen character and the actual actor, but still, you won’t catch me sitting in the front row of this panel without my patronus charm.


3:00 pm: Comics Panel: 90 Minutes with Artist William Stout

William Stout

Sit back in awe of Stout’s magnificent talents as he guides the audience through a ”special career retrospective presentation.”

Stout is a highly respected artist who has lent his talents to Michael Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, and Christopher Nolan projects.


4:00 pm: Meet the Cast of Sailor Moon:

Sailor Moon Art

 “Come and meet Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon), Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), Jill Frappier (Luna), Ron Rubin (Artemis) and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars).”

Few anime series have the long lasting cultural impact of Sailor Moon. Arrive early, because you can count on a long lineup.


**Toronto Comicon’s final day runs until 5:00 pm.