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‘Tron 3’ set to begin filming soon with Joseph Kosinski returning to direct

‘Tron 3’ set to begin filming soon with Joseph Kosinski returning to direct


Don’t ever say that Disney doesn’t like getting more green.

It seems like the House of Mouse will actually be moving forward with a sequel to 2010’s Tron Legacy, according to a report by Badass Digest on Tuesday. The film starred Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and Jeff Bridges and was a continuation of the original Tron from 1982.

The original report came from Vancity Buzz out of Vancouver, which reported that Tron 3 would be filming in Vancouver this fall with Hedlund set to return. Badass Digest has since also confirmed that the movie is happening and that director Joseph Kosinski will be coming back also.

The question that many are posing with this movie is why Disney would want to move forward with it even though the other film didn’t make as much money. Tron: Legacy barely brought back its budget and the film wasn’t a massive hit that would make the studio bring it back due to fans clamoring for it.

It will also be good to know who is behind the script as original screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are working on ABC’s Once Upon a Time now. Screenwriting has been hurting Kosinski lately as his Tron: Legacy follow-up, Oblivion, also struggled in the story department.

But I think the biggest hurdle they have to jump is: Will Daft Punk return for the score? If so, I’m sure we can all forgive anything else and be excited about this movie.