Violent Gang Bombards Tribeca Film Festival 2011 in ‘NEDS’

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Tribeca Film Festival is stirring up quite the lineup with two provocative films this year: The High Cost of Living and NEDS.  Both films will definitely captivate some attention, each highlighting the importance of life decisions in unlikely situations, whether it be for the good or bad. No matter if it’s your cup of tea, both films along will a whole slate of thought-provoking, unique, and original titles demonstrates  that this year Tribeca has hit some major gold.

First let’s take a peak at NEDS:

Scottish director Peter Mullan’s NEDS, showcases the semi-biographical tale of John McGill (Conor McCarron), a model student of the 1970’s who falls into a downturn with a violent Glasgow gang called the “Non-Educated Delinquents.” After being bullied by the gang, and straying away from the advice of his teachers, clergymen, and family; McGill slowly joins the darker side in this “prey-becomes- predator” story starring a cast of newcomers. The film shows much promise of great structure, setting up a 180 degree character arc along with posing many questions needing answered. Going along with the trend of gangs influence on innocent youth, as with last years Australian hit Animal Kingdom, one can only hope the Scottish market will continue this intriguing genre in current indie film making. Watch the trailer below to see for yourself:

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