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YoungCuts Film Festival Announces Top 100 International Short Films

YoungCuts Film Festival Announces Top 100 International Short Films

2012 YoungCuts Film Festival

Textbook Videos Presents 11th YoungCuts Film Festival

The YoungCuts Film Festival is pleased to announce 2012’s Top 100 short films by the world’s best young filmmakers. Lead sponsor will present the films in Montreal’s De Seve Theatre at Concordia University on Friday October 12th and Saturday, October 13th.

The Beautiful Dead

The Beautiful Dead by Spencer Ryerson (CAN)


On Friday, October 12th, the day’s first screening is at 1PM and features the best short films by the Festival’s youngest participating filmmakers who are 19 and under. At 3 PM, the always popular Animation and Music screening is presented. The 5PM screening presents a theme of “Growth” and includes films from 6 different countries. The 7PM screening features 12 films grouped loosely by a theme of “Loneliness”, and includes a bloc of gay-positive films from 4 different countries. The evening concludes with the 9PM Master Class screening which presents the best films by young filmmakers aged 25 to 29.

On Saturday, October 12th, the day’s first screening is at 7PM and presents 12 North American films that feature plenty of ghosts, killers and dead bodies. The YoungCuts Film Festival concludes at 9PM with the Grand Prix screening of the Festival’s best films.


Starlight by Jacob Taylor (USA)


At the conclusion of each evening’s screenings, the YoungCuts Film Festival will present awards in a variety of categories to recognize this year’s best films. Every year, festival judges evaluate more than a thousand films from over 30 countries before selecting the Top 100 short films. This year’s Top 100 includes films from 11 countries in 8 different languages, with two films by filmmakers under 13.

You can support the YoungCuts Film Festival by purchasing a reserved seats for any of the screenings ($5), a festival pass ($24.95) or a subscription to the YoungCuts web-site. Here’s how. Subscribers to the web-site have access to watch the films chosen for the festival online, as well as films from previous years and films submitted to this year’s festival that were not chosen. The De Seve Theatre holds 173 seats. After those with paid tickets, festival passes and festival guests have been seated, if there are any seats left, they will be available for FREE (!) on a first come, first served basis.


"01" by Hamish Lambert (CAN)


The Top 100 International Short Films for 2012 as chosen by the YoungCuts Film Festival are:

“01” by Hamish Lambert (CAN)

“10:15” by Nick Robitaille (CAN)

[Aw’suh’m] by Michael Glasner (USA)

Aléas – JjANICE+ feat. Dame de Pique by Andreas Krätschmer (CAN)

Among Giants by Sam Price-Waldman (USA)

Animal by Mario Ramos (CAN)

Apology – Joseph Kearns by Randy Smith (CAN)

Arizona by Julien Deragon (CAN)

Ashes of Innocence – Hard Water by Wayne Robinson (CAN)

Autistic Dissonance by Eric Bent (CAN)

The Beautiful Dead by Spencer Ryerson (CAN)

Bee Happy by Jacob Taylor (USA)

Bells by Wanru Liu (China/USA)

Beloved by Various First Light Teen Directors (UK)

The Big Bris by Oren Peleg (USA)

Blind Luck by Diane Aarts (CAN)

Blind Spot by Matthew Nayman (CAN)

Bloodshed by Michael Goencz (CAN)

Bluenose by Nick Robitaille (CAN)

Bounty + Hunter by Eugene Chu (USA)

Boxe by Mark Maffre (CAN)

Boy Meets Squirrel by Jamie Ember (USA)

Carreaux (Tiles) by Alexandre Boyadjiev (CAN)

Chameleon by Sam Lemberg (USA)


Chameleon by Sam Lemberg (USA)


Cherchez la Femme by Spencer Hord (USA)

Le Chevreuil by Rémi St-Michel (CAN)

Chloé by Marc-Olivier Comeau (CAN)

Chronoscope by Dominic Remiro (CAN)

Cross Country by David Stapp (USA)

Curbed by Alessandra Ferreri (CAN)

Di Semola et Acqua by Patricia Crespien (Argentina/CAN)

Diptyque by Mirek Hamet (CAN)

Doggoned by Arshad Khan (CAN)

Dreaming In Colour by Gabriela Warrior Renaud (CAN)

Election Day by Zach Wechter (USA)

Elliheimili Fyrir Ketti-e (It’s Feline Nature) by Haukur Björgvinsson (Iceland)

L’ enfant et l’oie by Lydia Lorrain (CAN)

Felt Up: Parker by Simon Glassman (CAN)

Fiddley by Michelle Lannen (CAN)

The First by James Sweeney (USA)

A Fishy Romance by Tyler Gillis (CAN)

La fleur de l’âge by Pascal Plante (CAN)

Found by Mitchell Stafiej (CAN)

Full Out by Camille Wilson (USA)

Galeana No. 8 by Andres Perez-Duarte (Mexico/USA)

Gilgamesh by Sean English (CAN)

Greg Prime by Andrew Melzer (USA)

Growing Down by Tyler Rabinowitz (USA)

L’ hiberné by Fabrice-Édouard La Roche-Francoeur (CAN)

The Hollow Garden by Alex Leu (CAN)

Homelessness by Various First Light Teen Directors (UK)

Hoy En Dia by David Gutierrez-Rosado (Mexico/USA)

HZ by Seungmi Nam (USA)

I Declare War by Kyle Miller (USA)

In The End We Started Again by Charlotte Hamlyn (AUS)

La Joie de Vivre by Jérémy Vassiliou (CAN)

Khachaturian Meets Dali by Kirill Fessenko (CAN)

King Killian by Jim McKenzie (USA)

Larmes de Métal – Emmanuel Travis by Ben McKinnon (CAN)

Lautlos (Silently) by Siegmund Skalar (Austria)

Lautlos (Silently)

Lautlos (Silently) by Siegmund Skalar (Austria)


Libre Service by Jean-Paul Botelho (CAN)

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Stephen Dunn (CAN)

The Lonely Farm by Maximilian Moskal (CAN)

Look Up by Amanda Prager (USA)

Love Our Families PSA by Xochi Maberry-Gaulke (USA)

Love, Salvador by Alex Meader (USA)

Lucky Ghost Marriage by Ziyang Yip (CAN)

Memories by Joseph Procopio (CAN)

Micromachines by Nicolas Menard (CAN)

Milo by Corinne Gibeault (CAN)

Misophonia by Natalie DiPaola (USA)

Mona (Bar Sexe Folie) by Maxime Aubert (CAN)

Mugged by Francesca Abbondanza-Bergeron (CAN)


Mugged by Francesca Abbondanza-Bergeron (CAN)

The Music Box by Nicole Bazuin (CAN)

My Better Half by Lydia Lorrain (CAN)

My Little Brother by Deschanel Li (CAN)

Never Ever by Nicole Provost (CAN)

New With Tags by Matthew Nesbeth (UK)

Nos sentiments volés (en 3 voix) – (Our Stolen Feelings) by Madeleine Echaquan, Noémie Echaquan and Marie-Lysia Echaquan Moar (CAN)

Ollie The Day Owl by Janelle Santner (USA)

Ostrichcized by Ben Brook (CAN)

Our Little Secret by Sanja Zivkovic (Serbia)

Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret by Sanja Zivkovic (Serbia)


Outside Ones – GANGI by Montana Casey (USA)

Package Frank by David Lee and Carl Fong (CAN)

The Perfect Apartment by A. J. (Anthony) Korkidakis (CAN)

Piece of Cake by Susan and Katherine Procopio (CAN)

The Pocket Watch by Greg Doble (CAN)

Pop Song – Broken Bricks by Carlo Schefter (CAN)

Prescription Culture – The Khanz by Sam Bright (AUS)

Purple J.A.R.N. by Rachel Alexander, Amiya Taylor-Walters, and Nickiesha Powell (CAN)

Rabbitkadabra by Michelle Czajkowski, Naomi Chen, Davin Chen and Krzysztof Fus(USA)

Rain in Summer by Becca Roth (USA)

Reap the Whirlwind by Christine Dy (CAN)

Recipe for Love by Gwyneth Christoffel (CAN)

Reed by Ronnie Rios (CZECH/USA)

Secret Identity by John Negropontes (CAN)

The Shed by David Tallon (UK)

Shoplifting by Neil Triffett (AUS)

Silent Scream by Various First Light teen filmmakers (UK)

Snore Train by Kamil Chajder (CAN)

Something More Than Nothing by Louis Lazaris and Alex Rose (CAN)

The Songbird by Anna Berezowsky (CAN)

Sonya by Florence Pelletier (CAN)

Le Spectacle by Colin Racicot (CAN)

Spring Fever by Kfir Cohen (CAN)

Starlight by Jacob Taylor (USA)

Step Right Up by Benjamin Bee (UK)

Subsistence by Timothy Laks (CAN)


Subsistence by Timothy Laks (CAN)


The Suitcase by Nick Collingwood (USA)

Sullivan’s Applicant by Jeanne Leblanc (CAN)

Sunlight by Sohei Oguro (Japan)

Swallowed by Stephen Dunn (CAN)

Sweet Tooth by Audrey Meubus (CAN)

Switch by Tyson Hesse (USA)

Tengri by Alisi Telengut (CAN)

Think Outside the Frame by Laura Venditti (CAN)

Those Forgotten by Alyssa Marie Buchanan (CAN)

Toast by Henry Jean (USA)

Vice And Virtue by Andrew Pollins (CAN)

What Comes Around by Craig Calamis (USA)

What I Want by Michelle Mixay (USA)

What If a Word Was Worth 1000 Pictures by Katie Ehrlich (USA)

Where Did All The Bagels Go? by Various First Light Teen Filmmakers (UK)

Whinstor Norville Dines Again At The Gothique by Eric Bent (CAN)

Why Does God Hate Me? by Joel Ashton McCarthy (CAN)

Why Does God Hate Me?

Why Does God Hate Me? by Joel Ashton McCarthy (CAN)


About the YoungCuts Film Festival

Founded in 2001, the YoungCuts Film Festival’s goal is to advance the careers of up-and-coming filmmakers. This international film festival selects the best independent short films produced by young filmmakers 29 years old and under. The event runs September 28th, October 12th and 13th in the De Seve Theatre at Concordia University, 1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd West, Montreal, Québec, Canada.

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