136 Years of Visual Effects in 3 Minutes (video)


Editor Jim Casey has parsed through the history of cinematic visual effects to create a short and sensory overloading video of it’s history. Beginning with photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s pre-cinamatic photography of a horse galloping up to the present day, the video is not only valuable as a fascinating document of evolving techniques but a representation of the idea that in some ways, we have not come far at all. The video does blur the line at times between practical on set techniques and post-production visual effects, but always to great effect and ultimately to serve a greater thesis. The inclusion of several key animated films signals beautifully the influence and the impact that animation has had in visual effects in particular. Though we may not think of them as such, most computer generated images are closer to the process behind a Walt Disney film than that of a live-action. So sit back and enjoy, three glorious minutes of the history and evolution of visual effects.

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