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‘Edward Scissorhands’ Vol. 2 TP – Wonderful Use of Flashbacks

‘Edward Scissorhands’ Vol. 2 TP – Wonderful Use of Flashbacks

Edward Scissorhands Vol. 2 TP
Written by Kate Leth
Art by Drew Rausch
Color by Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons
Published by IDW Publishing

Edward Scissorhands Vol. 2 TP completes the whole arc of Edward and his quest to be completed as a being with his champion, Megs. The story unfolds as Edward discovers an extreme make over program called “Get Wells.” The artwork from Rausch presents stylized work which echoes the images of the story, while it creates a modern day fairytale. Writer Leth demonstrates an in depth understanding of the character of Edward from the film by his actions and defined dialogue.  Edward Scissorhands Vol. 2 TP offers up a compelling tale about normality and the value of friendship and family.

The arc starts off strong with Edward and friends work together to get him a set of hands from the program of “Get Wells.” Megs shows resistances to the group’s excitement of helping Edward as she wants Edward to know he is prefect the why he is. Megs wants it to be clear Edward only should change if he wants too.  So Edward, Megs, and the gang set about trying to get the good Doctor Wells to see Edward. As the arc goes on Edward and friends make it to Doctor Wells’ show, but something is not sitting right with Megs about the whole affair. Is Doctor Wells all she seems to be?

Artist Rausch does a bang up job with character designs for Edward, Megs, and Doctor Wells. The three characters stand out with their appearances. Megs’ designs reflects her nature as a down to earth, good hearted girl in her simple outfit of a reasonable jacket and plain jeans. Edward’s appearance reflects his fairytale, otherworldly appears with his traditional black belted outfit and wild hair. He reminds timeless in his setting, despite it being many years after in introduction. Furthermore, Edward’s eyes show a gentleness and deep thought as he ponders and reacts to different situations. The most interesting of character designs goes to Doctor Wells. She with loud outfits, her curly blond hair, huge eyes and wide smile goes perfectly with her true nature. Doctor Wells design makes her one to not be trusted with a disquieting feeling about her.  Artist Rausch does great work in making the three characters’ designs match up with Leth’s writing.

Writer Leth handles the story with care and well thought action through her use of flashbacks and dialogue. If a minor flaw in the story can be found, it is in the character of Doctor Wells’ motivation. The flashbacks from of Megs mother and Edward, the plot reveals the complex history of Kimberly Boggs after Edward fled back to his house. Leth’s strength in these flashbacks is from the emotional connections between the Boggs family and Edward. Edward is shown as a true friend and guardian to the family. Meanwhile Kimberly displays a deep affection for her family and a care for her friend, Edward. The dialogue during the flashback brings to light the feeling of the characters and humanism them.  Yet the flaw of Doctor Wells is her character nature is clearly self-centered and wicked. Doctor Wells’ motivation for her evil intentions could have been hidden better as to give the reveal of her real nature more dramatic.  Still Leth can be forgiven for the slightly lackluster character of Doctor Wells as the rest of the writing more than makes up for it.

This comic will surly leave the reader with ideas of the strength of friendship and love of accepting love’s self without conforming to society’s ideal beauty. Leth provides first rate writing and Rausch generates well-fitting character designs. Give this modern fairytale a read for it is worth it.

Rating: 9/10