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47th Chicago Film Festival – Best of the Fest

In just a couple short days, the sun will set on yet another year of the Chicago International Film Festival. As things draw to a close, the festival has announced their choices for the best of the fest.

But with so many great films to choose from, it’s virtually impossible for people to see them all. But on October 19h, a few of these award-winning titles will be screened one more time for those who missed out. These screenings include:

–       Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki, winner of the Gold Hugo for Best Film.

–       The Good Son by Zaida Bergroth, winner of the Gold Hugo in the New Directors competition.

–       Cinema Komunisto by Mira Turjalic, winner of the Gold Hugo in the Docufest competition

–       Shorts 2: Pen and Paper, which will include the Gold Hugo-winning The Eagleman Stag, the Silver Hugo-winning animated short Birdboy, and the award-winning student short Belly.

In addition to offering up a nice helping of award winners, there will be a number of other titles brought back by popular demand, such as Juan of the Dead, Hotel Swooni, The Slut, and Sadermania. There will also be a screening of the Best of INTERCOM shorts, headlined by the short piece They Were There. The day will also present a few new films, including Butter, and their annual surprise screening, where the identity of the film isn’t revealed until the lights go down and the opening credits fire up.

Take it from me, if you’re in the Chicago area and haven’t gotten the chance to see anything the festival has screened this year, make the time to get out there tomorrow. These are movies you don’t want to miss. Check them out while you can, you won’t regret it.

The Chicago Film Festival runs from October 6th-20th. Visit the festival’s official home page.