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8 Actors Who Can Be The Next Spider-Man

8 Actors Who Can Be The Next Spider-Man


We’re not even a year removed from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and already Sony and Marvel are exploring new options on who could be the next webslinger. And we already have some insight that the next Spider-Man is going back to high school, and Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) and Logan Lerman (Fury) are on Sony’s short list.

That said, whoever they cast will make an exciting addition to Captain America: Civil War, and we have some thoughts whether or not Sony decides to go the way of yet another reboot.


Donald Glover

Perhaps better known by his fans as either Troy Barnes, from his four and a (almost) half season role on the hit show Community, or as rapper Childish Gambino, Donald Glover is a definite contender for the role of Marvel’s Spider-Man. With the inception of Miles Morales, following the death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate comic series, possible casting choices for the web-slinging superhero have been blown wide open. And who better to play Morales than the proven hilarious, but deeply honest, Glover?

How likely is this? Although Glover is definitely the Internet’s frontrunner for fans to play the new Spidey, the chances of him landing the role don’t look great. A man of many talents, from acting to producing, and rapping to writing, Glover’s career may prove too hectic to commit to such a major film franchise. – Caitlin Marceau


Keith Stanfield – Zach Dennis

It is going to be a very retreaded task for Marvel and Sony to go about picking yet another young actor to play Spider-Man just years after Tobey Maguire left the role and Andrew Garfield took over. I hope Marvel intervenes and says no origin story, but with the character going back to high school, this could always change. While age may not change, it could be easy to change the race of Peter Parker. Keith Stanfield, who has been seen in Short Term 12 and Selma, is an up-and-coming actor who could capture the teen angst of being a superhero in high school.
How likely is this? While Stanfield is great, it seems unlikely though that Marvel and Sony would go this route. Making Spider-Man black could be a little too far from the grain for both companies to go just yet, and they may just stick to the comic books for the character. But if they want to change things up, and help make it not feel like retreaded ground, making Stanfield the new Spider-Man could do that. – Zach Dennis


Josh Hutcherson

Although best known for this portrayal of Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games Saga, Josh Hutcherson would be a great contender for the role of Spider-Man. Having auditioned for the role once before, getting passed over for the English Andrew Garfield, he’s familiar with what the role would partially entail. Having seen him in Catching Fire, audiences know he’s comfortable in an iconic and globally recognized role, not to mention looks great in a skintight suit.

How likely is this? Unfortunately, Hutcherson seems to have a full slate, having already signed on for the film Krystal, which is currently in preproduction, and is rumored to be reprising his role as Sea in Journey 3: From Earth to Moon. However given the fanbase attached to this actor, maybe Marvel can work the next few movies around his schedule. – Caitlin Marceau 


Dane DeHaan

Dane DeHaan portrayed a villain in the last Spider-Man movie, but I’d argue that he’s one of the better male actors in his 20s today. DeHaan occasionally reminds me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio, not so much in his looks, but in his unbridled angst and darkness he’s brought to roles in Chronicle, The Place Beyond the Pines and more. Maybe if Sony wanted to go the route of making a dark, black suited Spider-Man again, he’d bring the character more depth than Tobey Maguire did.

How likely is this? It’s not unlikely, but DeHaan is set to portray James Dean next in Anton Corbijn’s Life. Take the respectable indie route, and leave the superhero work to someone else. – Brian Welk


Riz Ahmed

One of the lesser known successors to Peter Parker in the Spider-Man comics is Miguel O’Hara, an Hispanic scientist who acquires the Spider-Man mantle after a lab accident while trying to recreate the web slinger’s DNA. Miguel is arrogant, confident, and smart, living in New York shortly after the golden age of The Avengers. As Marvel seeks to further expand the MCU via their crossover with Sony, they should likewise be looking for more diversity for the MCY as a whole.  One under the radar option for a Latino Spidey is Riz Ahmed from 2014’s Nightcrawler. Ahmed is of British Pakistani heritage, but in a film landscape in need of such diversity, the addition of a Pakistani background to Miguel’s Latino heritage could be a good thing. For a superhero where morality is constantly a recurring theme, Ahmed could bring a mix of nervousness and intelligence where previous portrayers leaned more towards awkwardness out of the suit and braggadocio in it.

How likely is this? Although Ahmed doesn’t have many projects lined up right now, it is not very likely that Sony and Marvel go this direction in their casting. The inclusion of Spider-Man in the MCU is a big deal, and though fans have been clamoring for specific Spideys, Ahmed still isn’t a big enough name to make Sony’s big casting news splash. – Whitney McIntosh


Osric Chau

The main appeal of Spider-Man lies in the universality of his story, and the character’s everyman quality. To that end, Osric Chau is the ideal choice to put on the webslinger’s costume. As Kevin Tran on the show Supernatural, Chau has already proven his adeptness as playing a normal teenager who suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of otherworldly powers, and he’s more than capable of showing both Parker’s humorous side and his tortured side. Add to that a skill in martial arts, and Chau has proven himself a great fit for the role.

How likely is this? Unorthodox casting has drawn audience ire in the past, likely making studios shy away from unexpected choices for major roles. This aspect, combined with Chau still being a relative unknown, bodes poorly for his selection for the role, which is a shame. – Deepayan Sengupta


Thomas Brodie-Sangster – Caitlin Marceau

While Thomas Brodie-Sangster may not be a household name, the character he plays on Game of Thrones, Jojen Reed, is. This fresh-faced, but highly talented actor, looks like he could be in his early teens, despite the fact that he’s going on 25 this year. With a bit of hair dye and some glasses, Sangster would make a more than believable Peter Parker.

How likely is this? Although Brodie-Sangster’s chances of signing with Marvel as their new Spider-Man aren’t the best, given his less than known status, he’s wrapped up the last of his Maze Runner projects, meaning he’s free as bird for whatever may come his way… like a multi-million dollar contract with Marvel Studios. – Caitlin Marceau


Tobey Maguire

Who says we can’t bring back an old favorite? Tobey Maguire was maybe never an ideal Spider-Man, but he was always a convincing Peter Parker. In Civil War, the plot concerns a rift between the superheroes about needing to reveal their secret identities, and Spider-Man is at the center of that. So not only does the film need someone who arguably has the look of a seasoned, older superhero, but it also needs an actor who can convey believable stakes about revealing his identity.

How likely is this? Sony is looking for someone who can be rented out to Marvel but then is also going to be ready to take on a new franchise, and for that they’ve chosen to go for someone young. Not only would the 39-year old Maguire really be pushing it for a high school part, but it’s unlikely he’d want to do more than just a quick cameo. – Brian Welk