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Montreal Comiccon 2013; A chat with Lou Ferrigno

Montreal Comiccon 2013; A chat with Lou Ferrigno


In preparation for the 2013 Montreal Comiccon, at Places Des Arts in the downtown area, Sound on Sight got a chance to speak with the iconic Lou Ferrigno, best known for his role on The Incredible Hulk. Taking a break out of his busy schedule Ferrigno answers a few of our questions.


Sound On Sight: How are you finding Montreal?

Lou FerrignoI love Montreal (…) I like to see Canadian people are more and more excited that they have a great comic convention here.

SoS: Do you have anything that you’re really excited about for the convention? Something you’re most looking forward to?

Ferrigno: Meeting the fans, seeing the excitement on their face and knowing that when they come to the show they get a chance to get autographs from me, take pictures, and I motivate them about fitness, and then do the meet and greet.

SoS: So I have to ask the question; Eric Banna, Edward Norton, or Mark Ruffalo? Who do you think did a better job of playing the Incredible Hulk?

Ferrigno: You know, that’s a tough one, because Mark Ruffalo’s a wonderful actor, they’re all great. I like Edward Norton because he followed a lot like Bill Bixby and had that same look, and uh, you could see he could make that transformation.

SoS: What would you say was your favorite project to work on, to date? If you had to name one project that stands out in your mind that you were a part of?

Ferrigno: The movie I Love You Man. Have you seen it? My favorite. Because you know, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are icons, and they’re both so great to work with. Aside for the Hulk, I mean that’s my favorite.

SoS: Early on in your career, who was your role model? Was there anyone you wanted to emulate?

Ferrigno: Sean Connery, when he played James Bond, because he was the ultimate agent, he was a powerful, strong, intelligent kind of character.

SoS: Anything audiences should keep an eye out for?

Ferrigno: The Scorpion King (4). It’s coming out in May from Universal Studios.

SoS: Any words of wisdom for anyone trying to make their way into their business? Any advice for them?

Ferrigno: Take one day at a time. Maximize your personal power. And the most important thing is never feel sorry for yourself. Meaning that you have to embrace the positive instead of the negative (…) that’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.


You can catch Lou Ferrigno this weekend at the 2013 Montreal Comiccon.