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‘Adventure Time The Flip Side’ is the Best Kind of Nonsense

‘Adventure Time The Flip Side’ is the Best Kind of Nonsense


Adventure Time: The Flip Side #1-6
Written by Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin
Illustrated by Wook Jin Clark
Colored by Whitney Cogar
Lettered by Aubrey Aiese
Published by BOOM! Studios


The land of Ooo tends to be a place of candy people and talking dogs. Where the normal day for our heroes Finn and Jake is to save princesses from the odd wizard, Ice King. Yet  Adventure Time: The Flip Side takes the land of Ooo to new levels of adventure and nonsense. Boy is it great stuff! The whole creative team for the comic pulls a fast going, free flowing jokes and action adventure. Nothing falls flat. The writing team of Coover and Tobin beautifully work to make dialogue that is witty and entertaining between all the characters. The plotline of the adventure is pure madness, and it is a wonderful thing. The levels of utter nonsense and “What in the world is happening.” sells the humor of the whole affair. Working jointly with the writing of Coover and Tobin is the artwork of Wook Jin Clark. The art is high energy and is perfect to the storyline. Adventure Time The Flip Side is a work of art and a glorious comedy.

The comic opens up in a normal enough fashion for Finn and Jake. The two adventurers are at home with Finn suffering from a Quest Deficient. With doctor’s orders, the two set off on the search to look for a quest. Still normal enough of a day for Finn and Jake. Together with BMO, they complete a series of mundane quest. Everything comes to a turn when BMO suggests they look at a quest board for something more challenging. The group scans over the quests on the board and finds nothing interesting. That is until Finn decides to check on the back of the quest board. There is a quest to save a kidnapped princess from Monkey Wizard. A quest the heroes think truly worthwhile. Here is where the adventure takes a turn for the strange. No more shall be revealed as you will need to just read yourself to know just how nonsensical it gets from here. They quest from the flip side of the quest board and must get the Monkey Wizard to kidnap a Princess.

Coover’s and Tobin’s writing is comedy gold in dialogue and reaches levels of insanity when the story gets weird. The dialogue between Finn and Jake in their different scenes provides a prime example of Coover’s and Tobin’s style, such as when Finn and Jake decide to check the quest board for an adventure. Finn reads the different quests and ponders on the adventure would go. He reads one about a turtle needing a page turned every three hours and Finn reflects on how impatient he would be by repeatedly asking when he can turn the page. Jake’s simple response to Finn: “Awww, tehse quests suck.” It creates a giggle for the mundane and boring situation the heroes would have to face, when they are used trilling and high risk situations. When the story goes into the odder part of the plot, the setting changes from an Old Western area to a zombie invasion plus Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum exchanging bodies. It is very strange. But it only keep increasing as the story progresses.

Clark and Cogar’s work meets the writing with a perfect pace. The colors pop out and fade back with the right timing. When the action picks up at fight scene, the colorist uses warm and bright colors to signal the danger and excitement. Likewise, when the characters are in a situation that looks forlorn, the colors are muted and dark. The characters are well done in how expressive and alive they appear in their scenes. The emotions of the Monkey Wizard when he becomes depressed and upset can really be seen by the reader with his positioning and face. The art is great!

Adventure Time The Flip Side is a must read for fans of the show and even just a newbie to the scene. The whole creative team makes a brilliant and wonderful comic that can make you smile and laugh until your sides hurt. Go find it today!