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Alex Gibney to tackle Scientology in new HBO documentary

Alex Gibney to tackle Scientology in new HBO documentary


Alex Gibney is continuing on his quest to make every denomination mad at him, and after turning his lens on the Catholic church in Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, he’s now examining the teachings of yet another religion, Scientology.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that his latest project is based on Going Clear, a non-fiction book by Lawrence Wright from 2013 in which Wright interviewed near 200 high-ranking Scientologists, documented the life of the church’s founder L. Ron Hubbard and in turn received numerous letters threatening legal action.

So, Gibney shouldn’t worry about ruffling any feathers then, right?

The documentary is in the finishing stages of production along with HBO, who THR notes is eyeing a 2015 debut and a potential run at this year’s Sundance should the film be completed in time.

Gibney of course has been mighty prolific of late, this becoming his 11th documentary in just the past four years. He’s also currently working on a 30 for 30 documentary and an untitled Frank Sinatra documentary intended as a TV mini-series.