An emojis movie is a real thing and is coming from Sony Animation


Have you ever texted a smiley face and wondered, “there’s a movie in this sign.” Well, you’re in luck because Sony thought that exactly.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures Animation defeated Warner Bros. and Paramount in a bidding war to the right of an emojis movie. The script is coming from Eric Siegel with Anthony Leondis directing the film.

While there have been some crazy ideas lately, this may take the cake. The Lego Movie seemed like a crazy idea, but there was enough worldbuilding within the toys that a movie could be created. Making a movie about emojis seems like a completely far-fetched idea and who knows what direction they’ll take with it.

Deadline adds that there isn’t an IP attached to emojis so another project could be on the way from someone else.

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