Anna Kendrick Stars In The New LCD Soundsystem Music Video

One of my favorite bands now has a new music video for “Pow Pow” by LCD Soundsystem.

Directed by David Ayer (Harsh Times, Street Kings), the video stars Anna Kendrick  as a shape-shifting superstar amidst the spotlight .

David Aye spoke to spoke to MTV  explaining  the meaning  behind of the video clip saying,  “No matter how big you are, how important you are in this temporal world of ours, there’s somebody more important. You have to answer for your sins, and that’s a little bit of what this video is about. And the person who sort of represents the power in this video isn’t, like, some hardcore gangster guy, but little old Anna Kendrick kinda being her shy self.”


We recommend you watch the video at the following link.

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