Avocados from Mexico had the best Super Bowl 2015 commercial


This year’s Super Bowl ads were somewhat disappointing, or better yet depressing, ranging from an abundance of “be a better man” messages to Nationwide’s spot featuring a young boy talking about all the things he’ll never do because he died in an accident. But there was one Super Bowl ad that delivered the big laughs we’ve come to expect when cutting to a commercial break during the big game: The Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl 2015 commercial traveling back in time was hands down the winner last night. Former NFL players Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie provide color commentary for the first-ever draft, which divvies up all of the Earth’s animals and plants among various countries. The U.S. selects wheat, Madagascar chooses the lemur, Australia picks the kangaroo and Mauritius trades for the dodo bird. It’s cute, it’s funny and it does its job in making it clear what product it is trying to sell. Watch the ad below. Enjoy!

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