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50 Bachelor Party Ideas Every Man Will Love

50 Bachelor Party Ideas Every Man Will Love

If you’ve just been dubbed Best Man you’d best have some killer ideas for bachelors party lined up. A pub crawl is something you can do any weekend of the year and strippers and blow just doesn’t cut it anymore. If that’s what you had in mind, you should thank the god you worship that you’ve landed on our site because you definitely need our help.

Keep reading for 50 unique bachelor party ideas that’ll leave your entire gang satisfied.

Indulge In Adrenaline

Bachelor parties aren’t about being scandalous. They’re about living life to its fullest and there’s no better way than indulging your inner adrenaline junkie. Most men dream of skydiving or bungee jumping but never get around to it. It’s either too expensive or too irresponsible. Both of those excuses go out the window with either of these cool bachelor party ideas. You’re meant to be irresponsible and you’re meant to splurge with your finances.

Beyond the obvious, seeking out these thrills with your close friends is a bonding experience that none of you will ever forget. It offers the perfect combination of activity, thrills, comradery, and a great anecdote for the reception. The best bachelor party ideas always include a healthy combination of these components.

Parachuting over white clouds

Fight Mother Nature

If falling through the sky at breakneck speeds is a little much but you still want to test your limits, white water rafting is for you. This is a fantastic bachelor party event because it takes each and every one of you giving your all in order to not tip into the rapids. Most white water routes come with a safety course and instructor to steer you through the rocks so you’re life won’t be in danger, but it’ll sure feel like it.

Although you’ll be surrounded by water, you’re going to get dehydrated during the workout of a lifetime. So, skip the morning brews and save the drinking to celebrate your survival afterward.

The Great Escape

Nothing facilitates a night of bachelor party bonding quite like an escape room. It takes cooperation, skill, and a positive attitude to successfully escape the room. If you’ve never been, it’s completely saved but it does evoke a sense of danger and urgency.

If you do manage to escape there’s a “we did it!” photoshoot at the end, so we suggest that you dawn your most 007 duds to celebrate the moment.

This type of event usually only lasts for 30 or 60 minutes, so it’s a good idea to plan something before or after. Drinks to celebrate your escape may be in order!


If an escape room is a “been there, done that” event for you and the guys, step it up a huge notch with something that rivals the things you’ve seen on those bachelor party movies. There are companies that you can hire that will “kidnap” you and your friends, drag you into a van, and let you out in a mysterious spot that you have to escape.

Extreme kidnapping is not for the faint of heart. Make sure that there’s no chance of heroics gone wrong by informing a few members of the party, and try to arrange it in a private area so that you don’t wind up having to explain why you’re late to the wedding from the inside of a police station.

“I can’t stress enough how mentally prepared you to have to be for an experience like this,” says Mirko Carniello, recent first-time extreme kidnapping participant. “I knew it was coming and I still almost puked when it happened.”

If this is how someone who knows it’s coming responds, imagine how terrifying it’s going to be for the groom who thinks it’s real!

The Great Outdoors

Getting out of the city is a surefire way to make you and the boys feel like men. Being surrounded by trees and roughing it has a magical way of grounding you on an evolutionary level. While you’re out there, make sure to include some activities with your outdoor bachelor party ideas. Rent some ATVs and hit the sand dunes, or rent some airboats and make your way through the Everglades. Whatever it is you choose to do in the great outdoors, make sure it’s a little more than sitting around telling stories. While that’s an important part of the bonding process, you need to go home with an event to remember.

Two people extreme riding in the forest.

Strip Club

If you’re hoping for a bachelor party striper, it’s time to modernize your thinking. Thomas, an event planner from Chicago reports that objectifying and sexualizing women is rarely requested these days, and hasn’t seen much of a demand in the industry for almost a decade. “That doesn’t mean bachelor parties are totally vanilla” he admits. “Tons of stag and doe events are asking for burlesque performers or belly dancers. Sexy is still in, we’re just prioritizing entertainment over nudity.”

Exotic Rental

Bachelor parties, at least to some extent, are about spending money irresponsibly. What you’d never do under regular circumstances is rent a lavish penthouse condo in the city or a luxury beach house. You can have a perfectly fantastic time close to home, but you really should do something out of the ordinary. A small change of scenery is just the way to do it.

Hitting the clubs like you normally would is instantly transformed into extraordinary when you start your evening out at the top of one of the city’s most exclusive skyscrapers or in the comfort of an envy-inducing beach house.

Sounds expensive, but Airbnb has transformed how many spaces are available at manageable prices.

A King’s Feast

No list of bachelor party activities would be complete without mentioning food. In fact, food could BE the activity. Plan a lineup of course after course feature the most exotic, expensive food you can imagine.

Instead of hitting one fancy restaurant, set it up pub-crawl style. Hit a trendy place for your appetizers and let is settle as you make your way to the steakhouse in your Uber. It’s fun to sit at one place and order course after course until you burst, but trying new and unexpected things across at unique locations gives you much more variety and complete experience.

Rock Out

A bachelor party isn’t about debauchery. At its heart, it’s about feeling like a kid again. Since the groomsmen are likely to be lifelong friends that he met in high school or college, recreating reckless youth shouldn’t be too hard, especially when music is involved. There’s a really good chance that a tribal connection they all shared was a band of some sort, and the bachelor party is a great excuse to spend tons of money they otherwise wouldn’t have chased down their favorite band.

Pirate Time

Heading out on the 7 seas is a great way to spend a bachelor party weekend. There’s just something about the open water and deep-sea fishing, and all it takes is chartering a private boat or yacht.

Perhaps it’s the ancient folklore that disallows women on boats that makes this event feel particularly masculine, or maybe it’s the direct connection with nature. Either way, as long as staring at the waves waiting for a nibble is EVERYone’s idea of a good time, spending a few days on a boat is a way to completely shake any nerves and stress you may be carrying.

I’ll bet you’ll love it

Vegas Baby! Hitting The Strip isn’t necessarily exclusively a man’s destination but we’ve all seen the movies. If you’ve been dying to gamble in the desert and relive the Rat Pack’s glory days but have never found a reasonable excuse, this is it.

Beyond the slots and poker table, the stereotypical (for a good reason) Vegas offers concerts, indoor skydiving, Hoover Dam tours, helicopter rides, and plenty of outdoor activities to indulge in.


You’ve probably been to a game in the past, but not many people have been able to enjoy the experience of a box or courtside seats.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this is the PERFECT excuse to spend more money then you’re used to. Box seats come with tons of perks like VIP food, entrances, and service – and let’s not forget the private bathrooms. Splurge on the food, the drinks, and team jerseys for the whole gang, and really soak in the experience.

Live Your Life A Quarter Mile At A Time (race rental)

Although road trips may seem like a good idea most men regret choosing this as their bachelor party event reports Don…. “They end up spending most of their time in the car arguing over who’s turn it is to pitch in for gas and complaining about all of the pee breaks they need to take”. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid cars altogether.

Most major cities have a race track where you can rent an exotic car like a Porsche, Lambo, or Ferrari. For a modest price, you get a few laps around the track at whatever breakneck speed you can handle. There’s always an instructor involved, either in the driver’s or passenger’s seat. If it’s the latter, make a bet out of who can make the best lap time.

Obviously, you’re incredibly interested. All that’s left is to pick out which exotic car you want to drive first.

Shooting Range

Hunting isn’t every groom’s idea of a good time, but there’s no man on earth that won’t feel a rush of adrenaline after popping off a few rounds at the range.

Make sure to find a range that offers a variety of targets – especially skeet and/or long distance. Make a few bets over who the sharpest shooter is complete with prizes.


Man standing with a backpack and suitcase and watching through the airport window a plane take off.

There are plenty of cities across the country are world-class. From New York to Chicago, to Nashville, and New Orleans – each has their own unique flavor and we’re willing to bet you haven’t seen them all.

Stepping into a new city empowers you to step out of your shell and cut loose. Choose somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, book your accommodations, and live it up! Since each city is completely different you’ll have to do your research to discover the “can’t miss” entertainment.

There are plenty of cities to choose from. If you want to step on a plan but not sure where to land, here are our top (other than Vegas or NY) destination recommendations:


Go no further than 20 minutes from the airport to find all you need for a great bachelor party getaway. This Arizona city is your destination for relaxation. Featuring hundreds of golf courses and miles of trek-worthy trails to occupy your days and plenty of convenient transport to get you from bar to bar, this bachelor party destination has enough entertainment and relaxation to soothe any soon-to-be groom.


Buffalo is is your party destination. Discover the city that founded the namesake wings and has more pubs than you’ll ever need. Plan to stay up until dawn and hit plenty of concerts, theatre, tailgates, and tours along the way.


Boise is the outdoor groom’s city of choice. Spend your bachelor party time kayaking, tubing, water skiing, surfing, and enjoying craft beer. The ale comes to you via a lovely bike trail (that you can easily use thanks to the city’s bike-share program) which connects 20 craft breweries.


Pick up a cheap rental car and wind your way through the artistic bachelor’s destination of choice. Pittsburgh is perfect for the discerning art lover who doesn’t quite buy into New York’s pretentious “outsider art” and post-modern ways. Whether it’s Andy Warhol’s museum, the Mattress Factory, or Randyland, you’ll find honest, colorful, and genuine art to appreciate.


There are more than 50 colleges and a ton of passion for the big-4 in Boston. This combination is perfect for the beer and sports-loving groom. You can’t visit Boston without spending a few hours at Fenway Park, but you also shouldn’t leave without filling your bellies with clam chowder, lobster rolls, or too many oysters.


The nation’s capital is a popular bachelor party destination. You can spend your days discovering monuments and the wharf, and spend your evening’s drinking top-shelf booze at swanky and parting with (hopefully a modest and predetermined amount) your money at the Harbor Casino.


Nashville is for the music loving bachelor. You’ll go there for the Music Halls (of fame) but you should also make sure to check out the burgeoning art and master chef scenes. We’ve never met someone who doesn’t rave for months after returning from Nashville – good times are guaranteed.


Pitbull has it right! When you’re in Miami it’s time to party. Mix up your experience by completely soaking in the white beaches and tropical cocktails and the pretty much-Cuba experience of Little Havana. Next to New York, Miami is the most expensive destination in America, but the food and people-watching are well worth it.


Portland suffers from a stigma of being a new school hippy city – because it is – which has been exacerbated by some coverage on the Simpsons and the popular skit show Portlandia. Straight-laced bachelors may way want to steer clear, but for guys who are into that sort of thing, the new school hippies have transformed neighborhood after neighborhood with world-class and wild food, craft alcohol, and eye-popping art. All of this is surrounded by gorgeous old-growth parks and nature.

New Orleans

The home of Bourbon Street is still one of the most popular destinations in America. It’s a non-stop party that offers more jazz than you can handle, dance parties, and street parades. Just don’t bother going through the trouble of brushing French. Technically they speak the language, but you could spend a year in France or Quebec honing your lingual skills and still have no clue what these locals are saying. For bachelor parties aiming to wake up with a hangover, this city is for you.

What’s the Theme?

There are all sorts of amusement and theme parks to suit every taste and style. You can hit up some roller coasters, waterslides, Medieval Times, or even the Skywalker Ranch. Have a pre-party pow-wow with your group and discuss what your best option is, but don’t feel like you’re limited. Feel out the crowd and see if they’re into renting out an arcade for some vintage gaming action or something similar like a private laser tag space or go-kart track.  Kevin Crull says “Me and my friends grew up playing Halo in my parents’ basement. I lot of us moved away and got married and started having kids so we don’t get to hang out as much anymore. But when we do we always turn on the Xbox and it feels like the good old days almost immediately.”

You too can regain those glory days of staying up until the sun starts to rise with a few of these vintage arcade game rentals.

City Slicker

It may sound corny at first, but Billy Crystal had it right. Booking some time at a dude ranch, riding a horse, wrangling some cattle, and lassoing a calf has a unique way of making you feel alive. You may want to read up on what a dude ranch has to offer by clicking here, but rest assured it’s an incredible experience.

Your days will be filled with hard work and hard play – hiking, rafting, canoeing, etc.. – and your evenings will be filled with campfires and meaningful conversations under the stars.

Good Old Fashioned Drinking

Sometimes your group just can’t agree on the definition of “fun”. That’s okay, being with each other is what really counts. Take over mom’s basement, crack a box of wine and order a pizza, that’s all you really need.

You should, however, put in a little effort to make it special. We recommend the college experience. Break out the drinking games, talk about girls, and crank the tunes. If you’re looking for a little something extra, many bachelor parties are integrating classes into their evenings. In this case, testing your skills as a mixologist would be a perfect way to spice things up. This list features a few mixology classes that you can attend prior to the big party. Or, you can take the advice of former club promoter Mike Aitcheson “Recently I hired a mixology teacher to come to an event at my house. I thought it would be super expensive, but when you compare it to taxis, drinks, food, and everything else involved with the club scene I actually ended up saving money.”

Not only are you saving money, bonding with the guys and drinking your faces off, but you’re also learning a new skill that you can show off at future events.

A group of men drinking beer in an outdoor setting.


Surfing may not sound like something you’d like to do for a bachelor party, but that’s just because you haven’t tried it yet. When you stand on the beach staring out into the vast ocean waters you almost instantly feel a primal connection. Once you get up on a surfboard, you simultaneously feel like you’ve conquered the elements as well as feel humbled by its power.

This is a fantastically unique experience that’s perfect for sharing with the guys in your bachelor party. Plus you’ll get to flex over who was able to stand up fastest and who rode the biggest wave.


For those of you who’ve avoided skiing or snowboarding because it seems too cold, don’t worry. Once you start moving you’ll be a little too warm if anything.

Before you decide if you’d rather try your hand (or rather, legs) at snowboarding or skiing, keep these few points in mind.

  • Snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master
  • You’re more likely to hurt yourself snowboarding, but more likely to injure yourself skiing.

Having tried both enough times to form an opinion, we say try skiing first. As long as you have the moderate athletic ability you’ll be able to make it down the hill after just a few trial runs. Once you get the hang of it, skis are much faster which is far more thrilling, and that’s what you’re there for!

Oversized drinking games

If you’ve decided that drinking at a house, back yard, or cottage is the right move for you, you’re going to need some entertainment. If you’re taking our advice from earlier and throwing back to the good old days of high school or college you most definitely have beer pong in mind.

Step it up by oversizing your fun. Bachelor parties are supposed to be grand, and one way to pull that off is with:

  • Blow up sumo wrestler suit
  • Giant beer pong
  • Giant bowling
  • Giant Twister
  • Giant Jenga

There’s actually a version of giant Jenga that has tiny shots in each brick that makes things a little more interesting. Make sure to have at least one of these options – or a giant game of your own invention – at hand for your night of debauchery.


Many grooms are just as excited about their wedding as the bride is and want a record to go along with the memories. Maybe this isn’t the greatest main event in the world, but it should definitely be part of your itinerary. Schedule a creative photoshoot with your entire bachelor party where you can have a little fun dressing as:

  • The wild west
  • Superheroes
  • Secret agents
  • Royalty

There’s really no wrong answer, whatever you’re into will be fun. The bride will be impressed with your ambition to contribute to the wedding photo album, and you’ll be able to laugh about the occasion with the guys for your years.


Sometimes, especially when the bachelor party is the day before the wedding, grooms just want a quiet time with their best friends. Golf provides fresh air, scenic views, exercise, and plenty of time to bond. Throw in a couple of cold ones, some rental carts, and a few wagers and you have yourself the perfect combination of fun and relaxation.

Comedy club

Many comedy clubs have VIP lounges which you should most definitely take advantage of. Tickets range in price depending on the venue and the fame level of the headliner(s). Regardless of how much you pay, you’re in for a good time.

Show up at least 30 minutes in advance, or even earlier if you want your choice of seats. Avoid the front if you don’t want to be called out by the comedian. Alternatively, make sure that you get front row and make sure that the comedian knows the groom is about to get hitched. Comedians are renowned for their views on marriage. Also, make sure not to heckle. It’s rare that it turns out in your favor, and even if you manage to one-up whoever’s on stage, the audience won’t be impressed.

Motorcycle tour

The bachelor party is about letting off the steam you won’t be able to once you’re married. If you don’t already own a motorcycle, chances are extremely thin that you’ll be able to get one after “I do”.

Now’s your chance. Sign up for a guided motorcycle tour and hit the open road with your best buds. Check out this tour where you get to explore American history and take in the wonders of your back yard’s natural history.

Break Stuff

A great bachelor party option is to get primal. Rent some time at a Rage Room and let all that testosterone out by smashing things with bats, hammers, and your bare hands.

Psychiatrists will tell you it’s not too healthy to get so mad that you want to throw stuff, but in this environment, it’s perfectly good for you.

You can bring your own stuff, but it’s much more fun to break what’s provided which usually includes ceramics, electronics, and other large items. Even with a group this activity usually takes less than an hour so make sure that this is part of a lineup of experiences.

LARP….or at least throw some axes

Going medieval is a great way to spend a bachelor party afternoon. Live-Action Role-Play (LARPing) is stereotypically for nerds, but you’ll never know until you try to chop off the Best Man’s arm with a broadsword. You can keep the cosplay to a minimum. The LARP type is very welcoming people and would be happy to have you join them, even if it’s just for an hour or two. Plus, this is the best excuse to wear a suit of armor you’ll ever have.

If that doesn’t quite float your boat but you like the thought of medieval mischief, ax throwing clubs are popping up all over the place. Not familiar? For a small fee, an establishment hands over some hatchets and lets you hurl them at targets! You’ll probably miss the first few, but after a while, you’ll be placing bets over who can hit a tiny dot with their left hand.

Archery Tag

What do you get when you combine a love for Robin Hood and paintball? Archery Tag. The arrows are tipped with pads and you wear a helmet the entire time, so the worst that will happen is a twisted ankle.

Those who have tried it can’t stop talking about it. The rave reviews alone prove that this is a great team-building activity for your bachelor party.

Murder Mystery

Bond with your bachelor party by figuring whodunnit. Get a little bit of everything – whimsy, thrills, meal, and excitement – with a murder mystery dinner.

If you’re going to go, make sure you are fully committed to getting into character and socializing with other guests.

Ultimate Obstacle 

If you grew up watching American Gladiator or American Ninja Warrior, an Ultimate Obstacles course probably sounds like a great idea for your bachelor party. The athletes on TV make it look easy, and this is your chance to be proven very, very wrong. Getting through these courses takes strength, flexibility, determination, endurance, and a lot of willpower. In this case, being proven wrong is very fun for the whole group.

Today’s Special

If you’ve talked it over with the guys and have mutually decided to stick close to home – fine, go to a bar. But, do it with some class. When planning what to do for a bachelor party, go as far beyond your usual as you possibly can. Skip the club and hit a specialty bar like a joint that serves high-end whiskey or has a selection of fine cigars to sample. Your goal is to embody ‘the most interesting man in the world” from those commercials.

Get there in a rented limo – we recommend a stretch SUV – and make sure that you’re stepping out in your finest suits. If you’re the best man, consider kicking off the night by handing out etched money clips and classy flasks for the boys to flash around while you’re all out.

Surviving The Game

You ever see that movie where the group of guys finds out that they’re about to be hunted? Do that! Find a local paintball arena or set up a private Overwatch (or whatever’s popular tomorrow) tournament and let the bullets fly.

Getting out and drinking your face off is a fine way to spend your ‘last day as a free man’ but bachelor party games that involve all your adolescent tendencies may just be what the doctor ordered. Drink beer and throw your cans on the floor, wipe your Cheeto hands on your jeans, eat pizza without a plate, and do every single stereotypical bro thing you can think of. 4 a.m. beer pong anyone?

Playing paintball.

Relax (spa, waterfalls, beach, hot springs)

A bachelor party is your chance to do the things you don’t normally get to and for a lot of men, that’s relaxing. Between work, raising the kids, yard work, cooking, planning the wedding, and household chores a lot of men are hustling from the moment they wake up until the moment their head hits the pillow.

Take the bachelor party opportunity to do nothing. Sit at the beach, relax at hot springs, or get pampered at a spa. Soak in the nothingness and let relaxation take you over.

Beer Gardens

If you’re going to spend your bachelor party drinking, beer gardens are one of the best settings to do it in. Appreciate this German gift by getting there early enough to grab a table for the whole gang, eating way too much food (sausages and pretzels are highly recommended), and drink to your heart’s content.

One hot tip, don’t order the Large beer. Instead, order smaller glasses so that you have the chance to sample multiple types and flavors.

Mountain Climbing

Mounting climbing is not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely a great bachelor party idea if you’re physically fit. Again, think about your day-to-day and ask yourself when the next time you’ll have the chance to do something crazy.

There are plenty of health benefits, you get to see plenty of outdoors, and there’s a good chance of injury or even death. Thrills and beauty, hard to beat that.

If you definitely don’t want to die and want to reduce your risk, head out for an indoor rock climbing park. There’s a very, very little risk and you still get the workout and a little bit of thrill.

Groom the Groom (haircut, beard treatment)

A lot of guys have never experienced the sheer joy of a way-too-expensive and a hot straight-razor shave. Alternatively, if you have a beard you know how much maintenance it takes to avoid looking like Gandolf’s mugshot. Sit in a comfortable chair for an hour or more while a barber painstakingly toils over your beard with scissors, clippers, and oils with less than $100 but you’ll feel like a Million.

Hang gliding (parasailing)

Next up on our bachelor party thrill list is hang gliding. Nothing says “I’m ready to take the leap” like literally leaping off a cliff. You may need a change of pants as you’re getting ready to jump, but once you’re in the air you’ll be at total peace and at one with the universe. Once you land, you’ll have plenty of high-5s to exchange.

If you want a thrill but prefer a little less danger, parasailing is the next best thing. Once you’re in the air it’s virtually the same thing, but you’re tethered to a boat and you won’t have that moment of wondering if you’ve just wet yourself as you wonder if you’re about to die.

Swim with Sharks

The day before you come face to face with the rest of your life, consider coming face to face with the planet’s oldest apex predators.

You’ll be in a cage so there’s no danger at all, but it sure won’t feel that way. There are very few shark-related deaths on record, and humans have been known to swim among them without a scratch to report. That knowledge goes straight out the window the moment you look the 8000 lbs, 14-foot hunter in its midnight black eyes.

This will be a story surely worth sharing.

Cliff Jumping

Most of our thrill-seeking bachelor party ideas involve a good deal of guidance and safety, but not this one. Find some water and some tall cliffs, and take the plunge. You can tell the bride that this was a symbolic gesture, but in reality, this is a bachelor party even to get your heart pounding like you’re a little kid encountering his first wild animal.

Sure, the water is deep, you’ve seen others do it and walk away just fine, and there’s very little chance that you’ll smack against the rocks on the way down. But there’s no telling what lies beneath the waves and there’s a good enough chance you’ll lose your footing. Just don’t lose your nerve.

Pander To the Groom (anything he wants to do, no matter how geeky)

It’s the best man’s responsibility to deliver an experience of thrills, fun, glamor, excitement, and/or utter relaxation. But sometimes the best idea is to let the groom do whatever his heart desires, no matter how lame or boring.


The only bad thing about our list of bachelor party ideas is that it may be impossible to choose just one. The lucky thing is, you can plan an entire weekend and indulge in a series of bachelor events. Make sure your itinerary is tight and you don’t overdo it on Friday night so you can squeeze in as much adventure as possible. 50 ideas for bachelor parties that go far beyond strippers and beer. Transform the groom’s “last night as a free man” into memories of epic proportions