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25 Bachelor Party Movie Ideas

25 Bachelor Party Movie Ideas

As you and your crew get together one last time for a wild and an exciting bachelor party to celebrate the bachelorhood of that friend who is ready to take the plunge into marriage, you just cannot end the night before watching some of the most fantastic movies of all time!

The best way to mark the end to your friend’s singleness is none other than re-watching some classics about that crazy and berserk night before the wedding as you prepare for an unforgettable weekend full of mischief.

Have some great laughs with these 25 bachelor party movie ideas. Who knows – you might just end up getting inspiration for your own party from a movie or two!

Bachelor Party VegasBachelor Party Vegas

This is a comedy and adventure film that was released in 2006 and stars Donald Faison, Kal Penn, and Jonathan Bennett, to name a few. The movie revolves around a group of long-time friends who decide to throw a killer bachelor party in Las Vegas for one of their friends who is about to get married. Everything goes as planned, and they begin to have a blast at Sin City with tons of alcohol, gambling, and limousines until they find out that their bachelor party planner is a professional bank robber. They discover that he is planning a major heist at a casino, after which, all hell breaks loose. The five friends are then thrown in jail and are falsely accused of robbing the casino!

Last VegasLast Vegas

Last Vegas is an American comedy film that came out in 2013. The plot of the movie surrounds three retired friends who throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their one and only single friend. This single friend finally proposes to his girlfriend, so the four friends head to Vegas to relive old times and mark a spectacular end to his singlehood. However, what apparently seems to be an exhilarating and a fun-filled bachelor party actually turns out to be something else! As soon as the group reaches Las Vegas, all four realize that Sin City has transformed massively over the years, and this realization tests their friendship in ways that they didn’t see coming.

The GroomsmenThe Groomsmen

Starring Edward Burns, Matthew Lillard, and Brittany Murphy among many others, The Groomsmen is a 2006 comedy-drama film that revolves around a group of five really close and old friends. One of these friends realizes that his longtime girlfriend is pregnant, so he decides to do the right thing by marrying her.

Sometime before the big day, the five friends gather together, which is more like a reunion in which they indulge in a lot of drinking, softball, golfing, and fishing. The reunion also results in a surprising bout of personal confessions and bonding. The four married friends share their own unresolved emotional baggage with each other that throws the to-be-married friend into quite a confused state of mind. He suddenly finds himself debating whether he is even ready to set foot into marriage and parenthood.

The Wedding RingerThe Wedding Ringer

This is a 2015 romantic comedy film that stars Kaley Cuoco, Kevin Hart, and Josh Gad. It features a lovable guy who is soon-to-be-married but suffers from extreme social awkwardness. He is two weeks away from marrying the girl of his dreams, but is presented with one huge problem; he has no best man or groomsmen for the special occasion.

Out of sheer desperation and being short on time, he resorts to the help of a man who owns a company that provides fake best men to guys in need for their big days. However, the seemingly perfect best man arrangements are followed by an uproarious wedding charade as a startling bromance takes place between the to-be-married guy and his fake best man.

The Best ManThe Best Man

Set in the ’90s, The Best Man is a romantic comedy-drama film about a guy who is a writer and a to-be best man at his friend’s wedding. Sometime before the wedding, he writes a novel that he hopes would become a best-seller. The novel is apparently fiction, but is actually a representation of real-life and is loosely based on the lives of his old friends, including the one who is about to get married. While the novel may sound harmless, it does contain some details that have been drawn from real life, which can get him in trouble, and possibly even ruin his best friend’s wedding day.

Very Bad ThingsVery Bad Things

More of a crime-thriller, Very Bad Things is an American comedy film released during 1998 that tells us the story of five friends who go to Vegas to celebrate one last night of bachelor freedom because one of them is about to marry the love of his life. The much-awaited bachelor party quickly transforms from a night of fun to a night of horror when one of the five friends ends up killing a hooker.

A security guard finds out about this, and out of pure nervousness and fear, the bachelor guy shoots the guard to stop him from calling the cops. More deaths follow to cover those two, and while the friends promise to never speak about this, all hell does break loose on the wedding day.

A Guy ThingA Guy Thing

This is a 2003 American romantic comedy film that shows us how lying to your bride-to-be may not be one of your best decisions! The movie talks about a guy who is ready to tie the knot with the one and only woman in his life. However, a few days before the wedding, his friends throw him a wild bachelor party full of liquor, strippers, and dancers. He wakes up the following morning to one of those dancers next to him in his bed, and soon enough, he finds himself telling a few white lies followed by bigger lies in an attempt to stop his fiancée from finding out the truth. This eventually results in a series of comical misunderstandings when he learns that the woman he slept with also happens to be his fiancée’s cousin!

The Hangover

The Hangover (Rated Single-Disc Edition)

This Bradley Cooper movie has to be one of the most popular movies to watch at a bachelor party! The Hangover is a story of four men who travel to Vegas for a wild and an unforgettable stag party since one of them is to be married in just two days. After what seems like an eternity of raucous partying, the three groomsmen wake up one morning, dazed and confused, with no memory of the past few hours, only to realize that the groom-to-be is missing. The next few hours are spent retracing their steps, unraveling clues and hints in order to find their best friend and get him back home safely for his big day.

Best Night EverBest Night Ever

Four young women set out to Las Vegas for an exciting bachelorette party and to have the best night ever together! The seemingly wild and fun-filled party turns out to be a lot more than what they had in mind. The four women go through a series of unexpected events, such as being mugged, getting kicked out of a strip club, and so much more! However, regardless of the fiasco, the girls are adamant about having the wildest bachelorette of all time, and so they embark on a night’s journey fueled by tons of booze.

Wedding CrashersWedding Crashers (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

As the name suggests, Wedding Crashers is a story of two guys who spend all their free time crashing various wedding receptions to meet new women and load up on free booze and food. It is a 2005 American comedy film. The two guys are divorce mediators, and they work at a law firm.

All the fun and entertainment ends for the duo when they learn the hard way that crashing the wrong wedding is not so amusing after all. At this social event of the year held by the nation’s Secretary of the Treasury, the two friends find themselves falling prey to their romantic delinquencies that land them in very hot water!


Also described as “an audacious take on the joys and terrors of the ladies in waiting,” Bridesmaids is a story of a group of women, one of whom is about to get married, with her lifelong best friend serving as her maid of honor. This simple and exciting job soon turns into a wild competition between the supposed maid of honor and one of the bridesmaids from the group over who gets to be the bride’s best friend. Determined to do the perfect job, the former ends up leading the entire group through a series of unfortunate events!

Rough NightRough Night

Five girlfriends who are lifelong friends from college reunite for an adventurous and crazy bachelorette party in Miami as one of them is ready to tie the knot with her man. Their plans for the perfectly exciting bachelorette weekend go completely off the rails when a male stripper accidentally dies at their beach house in Miami.

This unfortunate event results in fear, terror and a rough night, and as they almost lose their minds in their attempts to cover up the accident, they form a kind of bond that never existed between them before.

How to Murder Your WifeHow to Murder Your Wife

This is an American satirical comedy film from 1965 that tells the tale of a successful newspaper cartoonist. He is a dedicated bachelor, but one day, things begin to change for him when he gets drunk at a friend’s bachelor party. In his drunken state, he ends up proposing to a beautiful woman at the party.

Once he is back to being sober, he realizes his mistake and wants to break up, but she doesn’t agree to a divorce. This drives him crazy, and he releases his frustration through a comic strip in which he kills that woman. However, much to his terror, his real wife goes missing at the same time, and he is arrested for her murder.

Bride WarsBride Wars

Starring the ever-gorgeous Anna Hathaway and Kate Hudson, Bride Wars is exactly what the name suggests, making it a must-watch romantic comedy movie. The two ladies are shown to be best friends since childhood who share a common wedding dream. All seems well between them till both of them end up booking the same Plaza for their wedding on the same date, which means that one of them has to switch the venue. As expected, these two lifelong friends turn into crazy bridezillas and try their best to sabotage each other’s big day.

27 Dresses27 Dresses (Widescreen Edition)

This is a story about a beautiful, selfless, idealistic woman who takes the job of making other people’s big days absolutely perfect and romantic. She does this by serving as a bridesmaid 27 times with her own happy ending nowhere in sight. However, when the time comes for her to stand by her sister’s side, she finds herself in sheer confusion and a broken emotional state because she is secretly in love with the guy who is marrying her sister. As she does her best to sabotage the wedding, she finds true love along the way, making it the perfect happy ending for her.

The ProposalThe Proposal

Featuring the hottest on-screen duo with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal is an American romantic comedy film from 2009 that is the story of two people that start out hating each other but end up falling in love. The escapade begins when Sandra, who is a high-powered book editor in the movie, gets deported to her native Canada. In an attempt to save herself from deportation, she declares that she is engaged to her hapless assistant, a character played by Ryan.

He complies to the pretense play, but with a few conditions of his own. Soon enough, they find themselves in an impromptu wedding, but they promise to stick to the plan despite the chaos and the precarious mishaps.


It is not uncommon for two women to fight over the same man, but it is definitely an unusual sight when the two women are the guy’s fiancée and his mother. Monster-in-Law is a broad comedy that talks about how a woman, who never had any luck in her love life, finally meets the guy of her dreams and just after a few dates, he decides to pop the big question. However, she doesn’t find herself so lucky anymore when she meets his mother, who is nothing short of insecure and tries her best to disrupt her son’s relationship with his fiancée.

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

Having earned the title of “the runaway bride” by a cynical journalist for leaving three grooms at the altar, Maggie, played by the stunning Julia Roberts, questions the title and calls out the journalist for stating inaccurate facts about her in his article. This results in him being fired from his workplace. In his desperation to save his career as well as his reputation, he sets out to investigate the real story. He finds himself in great luck because she is heading to the altar for the fourth time. However, this time around, he hopes that she leaves the groom at the altar yet again because he realizes that he has fallen for her and wants to be the next in line.

The Big Wedding

The Big Wedding

This is a 2013 uproarious romantic comedy with an all-star cast that revolves around a delightfully modern family where the members are doing their best to make it through a potentially disastrous weekend wedding celebration. A long-divorced couple is forced to put up a fake happy front when their adopted son’s biological mother surprises them by flying all the way to attend her son’s wedding affair. As the couple tries their best to stick to the façade, they are forced to confront their past and the present which drives them to the verge of killing each other.

Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

This is an unfortunate, but a hilarious story of a man who, in his attempts to make a lasting impression on his girlfriend’s parents, actually ends up doing the opposite. Everything goes downhill when his prospective father-in-law takes an instant dislike to him and points out obvious differences between the guy and the girl’s family.

As he spends the weekend at his girlfriend’s house for her sister’s wedding, he believes it is the perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend. However, things get even worse for him when he manages to destroy their house as well as the wedding singlehandedly, which eventually earns him the hatred of the entire family.

The Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party

Soon to be married to his long-time girlfriend, a nice and modest guy is dragged to a crazy bachelor party by his friends in order to celebrate his last few days of singlehood. His girlfriend’s father, however, is not exactly thrilled with her decision to get married, so the father hatches a plan with the girl’s ex-boyfriend, and together, they come up with a vicious scheme to cause a rift between the two lovers. While both their efforts do reap benefits in the start, it is not enough to break the couple apart, and they do end up marrying each other!

Meet the Fockers

Meet the FockersOften compared with ‘Meet the Parents’, Meet the Fockers is a comedy movie that takes on a similar theme where a guy and a girl from two completely mismatched families fall in love with each other. Before the two families meet, it looks like incredibly smooth sailing for the couple, but as soon as the guy’s family meets the girl’ family, it is followed by a disastrously humorous time, during which both of them struggle to get to know each other.

The Five Year Engagement

The Five-Year Engagement (Unrated)

This is the story of a guy named Tom, who is a sous chef and is in a one-year-long relationship with his girlfriend named Violet. On their one-year anniversary of being together, he decides to propose to her with an engagement ring. Although they do end up getting engaged and look forward to happy and exciting things, the universe has something completely different in store for them. At each step, they are faced with a new obstacle till a point comes in their life when they start to question their fate and wonder if they are even meant to be together.

Honeymoon in Vegas

Honeymoon in Vegas

A drama/romantic-comedy film, ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ is set in 1992 and is the story of a poor guy who loses thousands of dollars to a conman who is a professional gambler. He becomes penniless after losing that kind of money and in his desperation to pay off his debts; he allows the conman to borrow his gorgeous fiancée and take her on a Hawaiian getaway. While that seems like the perfect way to make up for his financial predicament, things take an unexpected turn when the fiancée falls for the conman and is heavily attracted to his charismatic personality. Upon learning this traumatizing truth, the poor guy finds himself in a tough race against time in which he has to track them down and win his fiancée back at all costs.

Our Family Wedding

Our Family Wedding

This is a 2010 American romantic-comedy film that revolves around a couple that falls in love, gets engaged and decides to break the news to their families. This is almost like any other love story, except that the guy belongs to an African American family and the girl is Latina, which is exactly where all hell breaks loose. Massive arguments erupt between the two families, insults fly, and tensions run extremely high.

The situation is seriously worsened when the fathers from both the opposing families get super competitive and take it upon themselves to ruin the couple’s special day. The main reason for this level of hostility is the obvious differences between their races and cultures, which the two families just can’t seem to get over!


These amazing movies will surely have you and your crew all doubled up with laughter and will also give your to-be-married friends some great memories to hold on to for the rest of their lives!