Go Under the Hood of the New Batmobile With ‘Batman vs Superman’ Production Designer



Batman’s iconic ride is as crucial a part of the caped crusader’s visual iconography as the costume, and each unique iteration of the character has had an equally unique Batmobile. From Batman: The Animated Series’ “shoebox on wheels”, to the garishly lit version from Batman Forever, to the tough, boxy “doesn’t look especially like a Batmobile” Tumbler from Nolan’s trilogy, each Batmobile is as unique as the Batman who drives it. Naturally, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has its own version, which retains the rough and tumble look of the Tumbler but slims and streamlines things down into something closer to a recognizable shape. Needs more curves and some flared batwing shapes if you ask me, but then again who does. And nix the hood-mounted machine guns.

A new video from DC All Access takes gives you a closer look at Batfleck’s wheels through an interview with production designer Patrick Tatopulous, who details some of the work that went into the new Batmobile. There’s some fun anecdotes in the interview, like how the car’s tires had to be scavenged from Israeli farming equipment, and the focus director Zack Snyder wanted to put on the car looking well-worn rather than shiny and pristine. Tatopulous also talks about the experience of seeing Affleck get into the car for the first time. It’s an interesting video, though for my money it doesn’t go quite deep enough into the design process. Hopefully when the Batman vs Superman blu-ray comes out we’ll get a nice, lengthy video showing us some more of the build and design process.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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