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Breaking Bad Recap and Reaction: S05E13, “To’hajiilee”: Walt’s weakness is discovered

Breaking Bad Recap and Reaction: S05E13, “To’hajiilee”: Walt’s weakness is discovered

Breaking Bad

The episode begins with four masked individuals peering over a fresh batch of meth. As Jack takes off his mask, he asks Todd to check the batch’s purity. Upon discovering that it’s 76%, most of the group reacts with joy, save for Lydia, who expresses concern over the batch’s colour, a light yellow rather than the trademark blue, fearing that will affect sales. The group tries to assuage her concerns, but Lydia remains undeterred. Todd brings her coffee and expresses regret over not being able to bring the colour, and Lydia rebuffs his advances, insisting on the colour once again. We go to credits with Todd tracing the outline of Lydia’s lipstick on the glass.

Hank and Gomez meet under a bridge, and Hank says Jesse has an idea, much to Gomez’s dismay. Jesse points out that one piece of evidence of Walt’s wrongdoing that he doesn’t get rid of; the money. And Jesse knows who might be able to lead them to it. Hank has Gomez buy a piece of raw meat, which he drops on the floor, pouring blood around it before telling Jesse “You’re up.”

Hank and Gomez next go to see Hugh Babineau at a safe house, trying to convince him to give up information on Walt. Hank counters with a picture of a “dead” Jesse, lying next to the piece of meat from the last scene. Hugh, now genuinely scared, spills what he knows, and Hank and Gomez, satisfied, leave the safe house, giving Hugh a recommendation to not call Saul.

Jack and Todd meet with Walter, who commissions them to kill Jesse. He insists that Jesse is not a rat, and emphasizes a painless kill. When he asks their price, however, Jack says he doesn’t want money; rather, he wants Walt to cook for them. Walt initially refuses, saying that he’s out, then agrees to one cook to show Todd the ropes, and only after Jesse is dead. When Jack asks where Jesse is, Walt says he knows a way to flush him out.

Walt goes to meet with Andrea and Brock, telling Andrea that he’s unable to reach Jesse, and is concerned about him, lying to Andrea about the severity of their fallout. Andrea agrees to call Jesse, and Walt gives her the number. Walt departs after hearing Andrea leave a message, in which she states that Walt is in the house, and we see Jack and co. waiting outside the house. Walt reiterates the painless death for Jesse, and insists that Andrea and Brock be left out of it.

Hank listens to Andrea’s voicemail, and recognizes it for the trap it is, choosing to ignore it. He tells Jesse and Gomez that the van does not have a GPS, and they guess that the money is buried. Hank hatches a plan based on the idea that Walt doesn’t know about the lack of a GPS.

Breaking Bad

As Skyler and Walt Jr. work the cash registry at the car wash, Saul shows up to pay. Walt Jr. recognizes him, alerting Walter to Saul’s presence, and the two talk outside. Saul informs Walt that Hugh has gone AWOL, and heavily implies that Jesse has killed Hugh. Walt realizes Saul is wearing a bulletproof vest, and insists on Jesse’s innocence.

As Walt looks outside from the car wash, he suddenly receives a picture on his phone of a barrel full of money. This is followed by a call from Jesse, who taunts him with the “fact” that he has discovered the money, and threatens to burn it if Walt doesn’t get there right away, or even if he disconnects the call. Walt races to his car, and speeds to the location as he tries to reason with Jesse, telling him Walt’s cancer is back, and that he knew what he was doing with Brock. As he loses the connection, he arrives at the spot where his money is buried, only to find himself alone there. Realizing he’s been played, Walt dismantles his phone, and climbs up to a vantage point, coughing as he reaches. He spots a car coming, and quickly climbs down, grabbing and reassembling his phone as he finds a hiding spot. As the car approaches, Walt calls Jack, telling him he knows where Jesse is, reading the coordinates of the location off a lottery ticket stored in his wallet. As the car arrives, Walt’s face falls upon seeing Hank and Gomez step out. With a defeated tone, and a tear in his eye, Walt tells Jack that the hit is off, as we see Jack’s men suiting up.

Hank calls out for Walt, and after some hesitation, Walt emerges, following Hank’s orders by dropping the gun and walking to him. Hank puts Walter in cuffs, and Jesse is barely able to contain his glee as Hank tells Walt how he snapped a picture of money in a barrel in his backyard and sent it to Walt. Jesse points out that the place, which is a Native reservation ground called To’hajiilee, is the first place the two ever cooked meth. Gomez doesn’t contest Hank on reading Walt his rights; Hank does so, and Walt responds by calling him a coward. Jesse steps forward and spits in Walt’s face, and the two scuffle briefly before being separated.

Hank calls Marie, and her demeanor changes upon hearing that Walt has been arrested. As he disconnects the call, Walt and Gomez spot cars approaching, and it’s soon revealed to be Jack and his crew. They have a standoff with Hank and Gomez, as the two pull their revolver and shotgun against Jack’s well-armed crew, and despite Walt’s screaming insistence that the hit is off, Jack and his men open fire as Hank and Gomez take refuge behind the car with Walt, with Jesse in another car. The episode ends with bullets flying, as Walt tries to hide.

What did you think of the episode? What are your predictions for next week?

– Deepayan Sengupta