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Card Games Inspired by Superheroes

Card Games Inspired by Superheroes

Batman Poker 001

Superheroes are loved by many, so it is only natural that many card games out there – including poker – would use them within their games. They have shown us many different characters, on many different games, so that you have the pleasure of playing with them during game play. This not only brings more excitement to the game, but it also pulls out different stops to make the game a bit more involved and fun for those that wish to play. So which characters are you more likely to see within these games over others?

Iron Man

Iron Man has been around for quite some time and has made a huge impact. Not only do children love him, but adults also love him. Since he is able to turn himself into a super hero, and not by some freak accident – which kind of was – he is able to roam about the world and perhaps, live forever. You might be able to find him in many of the games that you play – but you can also find Mr. Stark, himself sitting at the tournament tables dealing out the cards and calling the shots. Who would have known that you would find him being so cunning at the table, after seeing him play Iron Man, and all?


Recently, someone thought it would be fun to make a poll asking who the best Marvel Super hero or villain would be when it came to winning a hand of poker. It came as no surprise when Gambit came in first place. When it comes to approaching the other players at the table, Gambit would know exactly how to do so. He would be reserved, focused and always alert. This is what would make him win the game and take over the jackpot.

The Thing

Ben Grimm, the actor that played The Thing is known for his exceptional poker playing skills. Not only that, but after 13 years of playing The Thing, right on the anniversary – he had a Bar Mitzvah to celebrate. This is where they played some rounds of poker, laughed, talked about Marvel movies, comics and more and all of the super heroes gathered around the table to find out who would take home the jackpot that night. He made sure to make this event as friendly and fun as possible for those cast members that filled in the spots during the playing of the movie.


Who doesn’t love Batman? When it comes to doing anything, you would think that Batman would be at the top of the list. The same goes when it comes to poker games. You can find numerous themed games that are centered around the Dark Knight and his brave companion. The Joker is who brings Batman to the table when it comes to having him figure out numerous riddles and crack codes, which is something that you have to do in the card game. Both of these characters would take the jackpot and even have a head to head battle when they meet up at the table of cards.


While you may see the characters themselves in the games, around the tables or even those actors that played them – Marvel made sure to make some of the best card game players out there. They make sure that they are ready and able to take on the game and perhaps take home the jackpot – which is the final outcome, the outcome that they all want, after all. The victory will be theirs, and they make sure that it is theirs for the taking when they win the hand in front of them. As always, check out some of the games online through