Christopher Nolan’s next movie is coming in 2017

Set your calendars for summer 2017 for when we will take out next journey with Christopher Nolan.

The studio announced on Tuesday that The Dark Knight, and most recently Interstellar, director will be releasing his next film on July 21, 2017. No word on what the project is, but Warner Bros. is already getting the anticipation high for the acclaimed filmmaker.

Nolan has still been churning out hits with his most recent, Interstellar, being a hit for the studio after he completed his Batman trilogy. As of now, his new film will premiere on the same day as Pitch Perfect 3 and Luc Besson’s Valerian.

While Nolan hasn’t said what the film will be about, he is at that level where he doesn’t have to. Interstellar, and to an extent Inception, showed that people will flock to whatever he comes up with and the studio realizes this. His most recent work has been a short documentary for a retrospective on the Quay Brothers, twins who worked together to make stop-motion animation films.

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