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Classic joke RPG ‘Dungeon Lords’, now available on Steam

Classic joke RPG ‘Dungeon Lords’, now available on Steam

A long time ago in an issue of a gaming magazine there was an email in their “Letters to the Editor” section that went along the lines: “Please help, I’ve accidentally purchased Dungeon Lords“. The response was telling the poor person to burn their computer, and the CD, and try and move on with their broken life.

That’s about how bad Dungeon Lords‘ reputation is in the gaming world.

Originally released in 2005 for the PC, with a canceled Xbox version as well, Dungeon Lords is well remembered for being a complete disappointment, like a terrible present at Christmas. It seems someone at Nordic Games has decided to re-gift this fruitcake, as Dungeon Lords quietly appeared on the Steam sales chart recently, including a tidy 20% sale until Dec. 28.

maybe not every game deserves to be saved from obscurity...

Maybe not every game deserves to be saved from obscurity…

In fairness, the Steam version appears to be the re-released Dungeon Lords MMXII, which sought to fix the problems of it’s original release. It promises to include things like co-op support, 50-70 hours of gameplay, UI updates, and a host of other updates.

Dungeon Lords never really evolved past it’s place as the joke of the RPG world, but has managed to amass a small cult following, an impressive feat for a game sitting at 45% on Metacritic.  It’s tough to tell how much of it’s popularity is made of actual fans, or because of other reasons.

Dungeon Lords is 20% on Steam until the 28, where it’ll sit at $15CAD