Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper team up for ‘American Sniper’


In the same day that the first images for the film are released, the initial trailer for Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper has been released, showcasing Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in US Military history. Kyle recorded 160 kills during his campaign before writing his best selling memoir of the same name. Shortly after in 2013, Kyle was killed at a shooting range in Texas. Bradley Cooper also serves as producer for the film, and according to a sneak peak from USA Today, Cooper got to train with Navy SEALs, put on 40 pounds for the role and even got to speak to Kyle once before Kyle’s death, explaining to Kyle his dedication about making this film.

Eastwood is a daring choice for director, and in a whirlwind hardly a month back it was announced that American Sniper would be released this year on Christmas Day for a limited release qualifying Oscar run, making this Eastwood’s second film this year following Jersey Boys. Sight unseen, pundits began wondering if just like with his Best Picture winner Million Dollar Baby he would step his way into the Oscar race at the last minute and walk away with it all. Now that the first trailer has arrived, also starring Sienna Miller, you can bet it’s a movie worth looking out for. Watch it below:

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