Disney is making a live-action prequel to ‘Aladdin’

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The unending need to make live-action versions of every animated Disney film ever continues. The Hollywood Reporter revealed news yesterday that a live-action Aladdin movie, a prequel focusing on the origin of the Genie, is in development. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (who both wrote Freddy vs. Jason and the Friday the 13th remake together) are already tapped by Disney to write the film, but a director has yet to be announced. An odd choice in writers, but Disney clearly sees something in these two to give them such a monumental project.

Along the same lines as what Disney did with Maleficent in taking a substantial supporting character and giving them their own film, this new film, entitled Genies, will tell the story of how one genie became the Genie we all know and love, voiced by Robin Williams in the original 1992 film. The main issue with this movie is casting an extremely capable actor to play the Genie. Because most people (meaning everyone) will argue that Robin Williams is irreplaceable.

Disney is obviously looking to re-tell their classic stories for a new generation of children. They already have a live action Dumbo (directed by Tim Burton), Mulan, Tinkerbell, Pinocchio, Prince Charming, and Jungle Book all planned, along with the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie set to come out in 2017. Yes, Disney is pretty much unstoppable, so don’t be surprised if they announce, in a few weeks time, their plans to make live-action versions of Bambi and The Lion King.

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