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Director Ti West Reveals His Next Film

Director Ti West arrived in Austin this week, to premiere his newest horror flick The Innkeepers at the SXSW film festival. One of the new voices in horror, West took everyone by surprise with his 2009 critically acclaimed hit House Of The Devil.The film was one I championed before anyone else, when I was lucky enough to see a secret screening at the Fantasia Film Festival. Ever since, I have kept a close eye on any project related to the director in any way. The Playlist were fortunate enough to interview West during SXSW, in which he announced he would be swapping genres for his next production. He revealed that his third film will be a sci-fi thriller called The Side Effects, and although he was sparse on details, he did mention the premise would involve pharmaceutical testing in space and paranoia.

West went on to say, “It will be bigger budgeted, but in a way it would fill out a trilogy with The House Of The Devil and The Innkeepers, as far as dealing with isolation and paranoia, and that kind of psychological fear, but it’s set in space.”

West went on to explain that the film is much more high-concept than his past work and definitely different than what you might expect from the ‘80s horror influence that has permeated his work so far. After reading gushing reviews of The Innkeepers and already being a huge fan of his directorial debut, I would place The Side Effects has one of my most anticipated films to come.