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Jackie Earle Haley to star in upcoming Green Lantern film

111730-94083-sinestro_superAll the Oscar attention he got for Little Children payed off in a big way for former child star turned toast of the town Jackie Earle Haley. Haley, who made fanboys cream their pants with his performance as Rorschach (Watchmen) and soon to star upcoming Michael Bay-led reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street (playing Freddy Krueger), will now inhabit another favorite villain as Sinestro in Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern.

According to Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News, Jackie Earle Haley is near the top of the wishlist to play Sinestro, the biggest villain of the “Green Lantern” universe. In the same post, Knowles speculates that Superman will make a cameo in the film, stating it to be ¨an indicator that DC is paying attention and taking note of what MARVEL is doing.¨

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