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‘Divinity: Original Sin’ adds couch co-op for console release

‘Divinity: Original Sin’ adds couch co-op for console release


The spectacularly received Divinity: Original Sin is headed to consoles and isn’t satisfied with any simple port. Celebrating Gamescom 2015, Larian’s Studios unveiled the newest trailer of the Enhanced Edition, which will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One this fall. In a first for the current console generation, Divinity: Original Sin is bringing couch co-op to RPGs via split-screen.

One of the best features of Divinity: Original Sin for PC was the ability to traverse through the adventure with a friend. When venturing together, players will share the same screen-space, but when characters move apart the screen splits allowing each character to navigate the entire world apart. Many games have attempted this kind of split-screen, most notable the Lego series of games, but none have achieved the ability to travel so far apart from one another.

Not only has Divinity: Original Sin updated the way players interact with the world, but they have also made console-specific controls and UI to make it a truly new experience. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will be released this Fall on PS4 and Xbox One.